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Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy snowy Friday!  I can't even believe it after the week we've had, but it's again snowing outside and guess what's in the forecast... more snow!  The LM and I aren't complaining because we have a hot ski date tomorrow and let me tell you, chasing my kid down the mountain on my snowboard in the soft, newly fallen snow is MUCH more desirable than chasing him down the mountain on ice that feel like concrete when you wipe out.  Which I do.  A lot.  Other than that we are going to try to stay as cozy as possible.  I've stocked up on tea, hot chocolate and wine... lots and lots of wine. I'm most looking forward to starting this show tonight with my love.  I've heard so many good things and ever since we finished binge watching The Killing (amazing) we've been kind of in a funk at night.  Whatever your plans are, I hope you stay warm and safe!  Here are a few links from around the web that caught me eye this week. xoxo

Speaking of being lost since something ended, Thursdays just aren't the same without Serial.  This completely unsubstantiated theory explains everything!!!

Made me laugh out loud.

A look behind the scenes of red carpet award shows.

Moss graffiti is INSANE, and I want to do it somewhere... immediately.

People who became successful after age 40... there is still time!

Just another reason why I love penning this blog.  While I'm not exactly rewriting history, keeping this online journal is so therapeutic for me, and by focusing on and writing about the positive aspects of our lives, I am really able to find so much more joy in my life.

Can we seriously start doing something about maternity leave policies in the US?  I have a feeling if we could get more women in power things would stop moving at a snails pace.

Skip the gym and have a glass of wine instead? Um, okay! Haha, I prefer to do both, but still this is good news!

I use to live and breathe core fusion at Exhale, but after some of my favorite instructors left and I got burned by their crazy cancellation policy I cancelled my membership.  I often think about going back, but things like this definitely turn me off!  Turns out you might need boxing gloves for you next barre class!

27 diagrams that make cooking so much easier.

I really related to this article, having suffered a 10 week miscarriage and not really knowing how to tell people.  During my third pregnancy, being open about our fertility struggle and sharing the early complications was a lifeline for me, and having the support of those around us made all the difference in the world

Finally, 19 healthy crockpot recipes.  I tell you what, I've been using mine more than ever this winter and it really is game changer.  Coming home to a fully prepared and WARM meal at the end of a cold day is gold!!!

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