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Friday, January 9, 2015


What are you all up to this cold and snowy weekend?  The LM and I are taking advantage of the weather and will tearing up the slopes tomorrow.  We are both most excited to try out the hand warmers Santa put in our stockings!  Thank you big guy!!!  Tomorrow night, we will be celebrating our anniversary with the boys at our favorite local Korean barbecue joint.  I can't really think of a better way to kick off another year!  I hope whatever your plans are that you stay warm and have a great one!  Here are a few fun links from around the web for those of you in a blog reading mood!  See you next week! xoxo

I cannot get enough of this song. #cantstopwontstop

I felt this way when I read eat, pray, love.  Like... I want to eat pasta! I want to do yoga all day! I want to "find myself" in Indonesia!  But, wait, can I do it all before my kid gets out of school at noon?  What are those of us who can't run away from life supposed to do?  (I have to admit I'll still see the movie... that's about as far as I can run away in a week ;))

Obsessed with these "mama hen" sweatshirts. 

This insane vending machine would help!

I'm kind of excited to try this tomorrow.  Yes, that's that sound of me jumping on the bandwagon. 

My husband has started meditating daily and I can see it really making a difference, which has inspired me to do it myself more throughout the week . This piece is so interesting.  I love the idea of being more mindful in my daily routine. 

Love these simple lego inspired snowflakes

In honor of our ten year anniversary, why it's okay to sometimes hate your spouse. ;)

Finally, thinking of all of you in Paris tonight.  It's devastating to see so much darkness in the most amazing city on Earth.  This video took my breath away and is a great reminder of the beauty within. Also, a perfect and powerful message, break one and thousands will rise

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