My Week In NYC

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I'd love to share with you all my amazing week in NYC! I know I had HUGE plans going into the week, but once I finally arrived late on Monday night (damn you Lincoln tunnel) all I really wanted to do was relax, eat, and drink.

Easy goals, right?

Honestly, for the next four days I did just that. Other than a Soul Cycle class each morning, I had no real agenda, and I pretty much let my stomach decide where the day would take me. I walked pretty much everywhere, and then promptly rewarded myself with a glass of rosé to celebrate making it to each destination. This is the opposite of my every day life, and halfway through the week I texted my husband that I certainly could get used to a life of leisure. His response was to basically to enjoy it, because I probably wouldn't be getting the chance again anytime soon. Or at least until next year...

Well, enjoy it I did!

Here are a few shots of my week in the city. The problem with spending the day by yourself is when you look back all your photographs are either selfies, or of food and I'll try not to bore you with too many of those. Below is also a list of what I did each day. Not the most adventurous week I admit, but I did bike though the city and over the Brooklyn Bridge and anyone who's ever ridden a bike in New York knows that's about all the adventure you need. ;)

As mentioned on Monday, I got in a few hours later than expected and after driving some 700 miles I was ready to do a whole lot of nothing. My sister-in-law had some wine chilling in the fridge and I made myself right at home on the sofa and her balcony. When she got home we went with her boyfriend to  Ed's Lobster Bar which was such a cute little spot (definitely two thumbs up from this New Englader) and as good as the lobster was the real highlight was the ice cream sandwich, which is actually a hot dog bun slathered in ice cream and chocolate. Next time I'm getting my own it was that good! After that I was full, a little tipsy, and more ready for bed than I had ever been in my life.

On Tuesday, I actually had a few errands to run, and after my morning class I headed back to Nolita and ended up having breakfast (corn) at Cafe Habana, and a late lunch at the bar at The Dutch. I had wanted to head over to the new Whitney but the past few days finally caught up with me and I headed home for a much needed nap. In the evening I walked down to Union Square to buy some flowers and we celebrated a friend's birthday at American Cut in TriBeCa. I don't usually eat meat, but this was one of those "when in Rome" situations and I have to say I'm happy I gave in. 

Wednesday, was the day I broke out of my comfort zone and after some fries and wine at The Crosby Street Hotel I hoped a Citi Bike and made my way to Brooklyn. My damn phone kept re-routing me and before I knew it I was on the Manhattan and not the Brooklyn Bridge. Once I got to the other side of the river I finally found the Brooklyn Bridge and to say I actually biked it, I headed back to Manhattan and then did a U-turn and went right back to Brooklyn. In hindsight, not the best choice. By the time I got back I was so exhausted, and I couldn't figure out where to go next. I made a few frantic calls to friends and when I couldn't get ahold of anyone I started biking to the famed Wythe hotel. As soon as I found a station I got rid of my bike and promptly called an uber. I explored the neighborhood in-between glasses of wine, and the highlight was when my favorite actor from Dawson's Creek sat at the bar next to me. This is when the teenager in me pretty much exploded on the inside. I then pulled myself together and took the ferry to meet my SIL and her crew Pok Pok. I know I've been talking about this place forever, but let me just say that it's totally worth the hype. Sure, it's a hike from the city but oh my god the food was so good, and I will definitely be back... just not on a bike. 

After the day I had prior on Thursday, I knew I wanted to stay close to town so I decided to slow walk the High Line and then had lunch at the Standard Hotel's Standard Grill. After a nap I went to my #1 must see restaurant Malatesta for pasta, and then spent the night floating on air at Aire. So yeah, it was a perfect day. 

On Friday, I was planning to go to MoMA and looking back I should have done just that, but I was a little tired from the day before and figured when do I have the chance to aimlessly walk around the West Village? The answer was never, so I decided that was the plan. I ate a late lunch at Cafe Cluny followed by cocktails at NOMO SOHO and then dinner at Eataly. I knew I had a long drive the next day, which ended up being really long, so instead of hitting the town we went and saw Trainwreck

The next morning we grabbed a quick brunch and then I was off to see my boys!

Like I said, probably not the most adventurous week one could have in the city, but it sure was relaxing. I read, I napped, and I clearly I ate and drank! If I had to do it all over again, I would't change a thing. Summer in New York is so quiet, and I absolutely loved walking down the streets of my favorite neighborhoods with with no where to be. I can't thank my hosts Emma and Alan enough, and as soon as they'll have me, you know I'll be back!

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