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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am officially undecided. Not about the election, I have never been more sure of anything (Go Obama!) But rather, what length of trench to purchase! This is serious people. There I was yesterday, standing in Burberry with option A and option B and I was utterly and completely at a loss. Completely

The first option is the IvyBridge. It hits just below the knee, is double breasted, and is completely traditional.

Option B is the Littlemore. This is a more modern take on the trench. Single breasted, with a dressier silhouette, hitting below mid thigh. 

You can clearly see the positives and negatives in both. I am so torn, and since I can't get both (sadly) I have to make a tough decision. 

I want this coat to last forever, to be my staple item, to be associated with my identity. This idea has me leaning towards the IvyBridge. I do, however, recognize that I am only 29 and the shorter Trench has a much more modern youthful feel. Again, totally at a loss.

I need your help. I am going to post a poll at the top of my blog. Please vote and vote often. At the end of the month (before it gets too cold) I hope to have a better idea of which direction I should go. So put your fashion hats on and help a yummy mummy out!


that girl ? said...

Definitely go with the IvyBridge! It is a classic and its how you rock it with your other stuff that will make it work - so no worries on the youthful issue!

Thanks for the shout outs again and the blogroll listing. Seeing as I lost my follower function and can't even get it work on my page, I'm gonna add you to mine too - us YM's with a fashion passion need to stand united! x

p.s. I signed up to GOOP and didn't get my newsletter yet - from the looks of what's on offer I will have to try again!

Anonymous said...

I would buy the classic IvyBridge. Classics never go out of style and you will look (and feel) like a million dollars every time you wear it.

Signed, a "classic" mother from Canada who enjoys reading your blogs!

Anonymous said...

The second one is my choice!! much sexier and classier! Also younger looking. I don't care for double breasted coats in general...

Anonymous said...

Go with the Littlemore Yummy. It's not even a close call. The IvyBridge SUCKS big time. The Classic look is too old for Y.M. You are so youthful and vibrant. Just think how wonderful Yummy will look walking down Newbury Street in her Littlemore with her little man by her side!!!

amandadawn said...

I know I am late to the game, but I love the Littlemore. I LOVE the shorter cut and single-breasted style. While I like the classic trench, I do think this one has more style, that perhaps may not be able to be pulled off by everyone. Go for it!