Mom Jeans?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

So I refuse to debate whether Jessica Simpson is or is not "fat." Clearly, she is not.
What I would like to say on behalf of all mothers out there is STOP CALLING THESE MOM JEANS! Seriously, I don't know one mother out there who would ever be caught dead in this outfit. 

Moms are people too and we deserve much better than to ever be associated with a pair of jeans this bad. 

Can't we just agree that these are "trampy-twenty-something" jeans? 

Really, do you want to see your mother in this look?


The Dotterel said...

Am I allowed to comment? Thought not... I could post a pic of my 'dad jeans' though!

Boston Bride said...

Agreed! I don't know one mom out there that would be caught dead in these. I like to think of them as a really bad fad from the late 80s early 90s. I think there is one early Friends episode where Rachel and Monica sported these "jeans".

and no Jessica Simpson is NOT FAT.

Julie Q said...

fine, i'll take back the mom jeans, but you have to admit those are double leopard mom belts she's rocking! ;)

Anonymous said...

Jessica Simpson clearly isn't fat but that is the most unflattering outfit EVER!!!


that girl? said...

Didn't like her jeans choice.... I can't think of many people they would look good on! She isn't fat either - the media just love to pick people apart; I'm sure she would have received the same unflattering press coverage if they thought she was too skinny! Am glad I'm not famous... who could live with having your arse scrutinised by ever tabloid rag under the sun?!

Lucys Place said...

This mum wouldn't be wearing those! But Jessica is such a sweetie (yeah of course I know her first hand), how could one be mean about her. Personally I can't stand tabloids/media/paparazzi, and don't know how on earth they get away with what they do.

Anonymous said...


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