Morning Yoga.

Monday, March 16, 2009

At 5 am The Hubs and I were wide awake. A six hour time change will do that to you. I patiently waited the two hours it took for the sun to come up. Since everyone else still seemed to be sleeping I thought this would be a great chance to get in some beach yoga.

First I had to find just the right place.

This was too public.

The church seemed like a nice possibility.

The grass was a bit too wet though.

I found a nice little cove that seemed to fit just right.

Add in some Coldplay on the Ipod and I had a pretty amazing place to practice. 


lunarossa said...

This looks like my THE ideal location. Lucky you!!! Thanks for posting these fab photos and have lots lots of fun! Ciao. Antonella

that girl? said...

Ooohh YM! The shade of jade that I am turning is not from envy - honest! It looks and sounds stunning - I hope you and the husband have a wonderful time. Look forward to more Maui posts! x

The Missus said...

Beach yoga! Yay!