A Poser?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

While looking though some photos taken thus far during our trip I have begun to notice a subtle  trend.  For some reason I seem to have a very specific "pose" whenever I am taking pictures with the Husband. I don't think I am consciously aware of said "pose" but I was unable to find a shot where I wasn't standing with my arm draped somewhere over his midsection, usually with my hands clasped at his waist. 

I'm not a body language expert so I am unsure of what this says about us, but either way I think we look pretty damn cute. I recognize that I may be a bit biased in that respect. 

As you can see we are enjoying our time in paradise. 

Maui I heart you.


Legally Brunette said...

You both look fantastic & so happy. Hope you have a wonderful last few days in paradise!

lunarossa said...

Yes, you definitely look as if you were defending your "property" (aka husband)! LOL! Hope you had a fantastic time...Ciao. A.

notSupermum said...

He is being protective towards you (arm around shoulder) and you have turned inwards to him showing that he is yours! It says HANDS OFF!! You both look very sweet together....have a great holiday.

that girl? said...

Its an entertwined pose that says you love each other... and also that you are having a fab time! Just saw from one of your tweets that the husband got you Coldplay tickets for August. A couple of weeks ago, Other Half surprised me by booking us tickets to see them in September on the penultimate day of their world tour! Its that spooky parallel universe thing going on again!! x

Julie Q said...

isn't that the jennifer aniston pose with brad? gosh I've read way too many gossip blogs and us weeklys to remember which specific actress trademark that is. the only one i remember is the beyonce armpit pose!!

awww you guys look so relaxing and fabulous :)

Anne said...

Cute!! We should do a photo shoot together where we can try a few more interesting poses and some of your super cute fashions!