Genius Idea.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I wish I could take credit for this idea. No, the credit is given to the salesman at Patagonia. Actually the credit truly goes to the salesman's mom.

I was in the store the other day and I was complaining about the fact that I always had to buy the LM a few pairs of gloves each winter because he is always dropping them. Always. Since I am not supermom, this often goes unnoticed. I've tried those little glove clips and they don't really help because my sweet little boy thinks it is a game to put them on and pull them off. A not so fun game that makes us stand out in the cold constantly reattaching them. A game I am not going to play this year.

Well, the genius salesman said, "you could always do what my mom used to do." Of course my curiosity was peaked. "She used to tie them to a piece of yarn and run them through the sleeves of the jacket."

Ding! A light went off in my head. That way when you take them off they only hang rather than dropping to the ground. Seriously, how could I have not thought of this sooner?

Finding yarn in the city is not an easy task, but I was able to find this great cloth ribbon that had a very cool design of horses on it. I sewed it to the tag so it wouldn't be rough against the little guy's skin and sewed the tag to the inside of the glove with one stitch. I then ran it through the back of the coat allowing the gloves to fall out of the proper sleeve.

Genius right? Thank god for other moms! And thank god for their little boys who grow up to share their tricks of the trade!


The Missus said...

I had some gloves, when I was a kid and living in West Germany, that my Mum bought which had the strings attached to them.

They stayed in the jacket at all times... When I went to take off my jacket, the gloves came off each little hand.. And THEN the jacket would come off, leaving the gloves to live inside the jacket always.

It definitely made it easier to not have to go searching for winter gloves. It is a genius idea.

Anonymous said...

This is completely unrelated to this post, but i have noticed in your tweets that you are anxiously awaiting IVF. I was just curious if your husband has been tested to see if there are any issues with him??

Anonymous said...

my mom used to do the same to my little brother! :)

lunarossa said...

Great idea. I wonder if I can try with my own gloves. Although I'm much older than LM I keep on losing gloves...actually ONE glove! Ciao. A.

Jodi said...

So how is potty training going? Another unrelated question to the post. I like that idea though the gloves, I think i will have to get my mom to do it though when we are there over thanksgiving. I don't sow.

Yummy Mummy said...

Anon....we are both actually going in for all the tests today and tuesday. They didn't test my husband because he was able to get me pregnant twice, and ever since the MC I was the one who had the irregular cycles. Now that we are at our 1 year "trying" date we can do ALL the tests including the tubes and everything. I will post with an update and soon as we find out what's up. Next I move to injectibles for 4 months. Not looking forward to that.

Yummy Mummy said...


Potty training is completely stagnant. He's not that interested and I'm not pushing. Lately he has really liked being in the bathroom with adults and has been a little less comfortable when he is soiled in his diaper so I'm thinking those are baby steps. I think around 2 years 7 months (6 months from now) I am going to step it into high gear. How about you? Any luck?


Jodi said...

We haven't started yet. At the daycare they start the kids at 2 (mine are 19 months). They change rooms at the year marks so they will be with the "big" kids then. It is kind of cheating because they see all the other kids in class going potty and they will want to also. I am hoping anyway. On long trips in the car the diapers are really nice on the other hand I won't be the only one that has to "pee" all the time. I bet 2.7 years will be perfect timing for LM. Why push right? Mine are still getting a night time bottle-

Yummy Mummy said...

jodi! I am so happy to hear you say that. My dirty little secret is that the LM gets a nighttime and morning (gasp) bottle. I am weak. 2 1/2 that's out too!

The school LM goes to has the bigger kids use the little kids bathroom so I too am hoping that he watches and learns!


Polly said...

Thats just brilliant.