Crazy Right?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It just hit me that next Wednesday we will be traveling to California to visit my family. This is not that all surprising given that the LM and I go there every year for Halloween, but what is surprising is that I am going to again take the trip from hell on the exact same day as I did last year. Yes, I seem to be a serious glutton for punishment! If you have no idea what I'm talking about click here. Crazy Right? Let's just say that 6 hours in a plane, alone, with a young child is never fun. Traveling with a hysterical 13 month old....really, really, really not fun.

Needless to say, this year I have made a few changes.
  1. I will literally die before I ever take another red eye with my child. Die. The pressure to keep him quiet so everyone else can sleep is more than this mum can handle. Nope, not this time. We have both fights leaving at 7 am. Do I care that we have to leave CA for the airport at 4am? Not at all. So long as everyone around me is supposed to be awake, I am all set.
  2. Clearly the little guy is a lot bigger. This presents its own challenges (the word NO! comes to mind) but it also means that he is a) walking, b) bribe-able, and c) appreciates that sometimes you have to sit still (yes it sucks but suck it up.)
  3. I am traveling with a portable DVD player, a separate charger, and a fully charged MacBook. Curious George for 6 hours? If it gets us through the day, bring it on I say!
  4. I will be traveling with a secret stash of never before seen cars and treats. Yep, it's bribery. Yes, I try not to do this too often. And yes, it works like a charm.
  5. I bought a wheeled attachment for the car seat. This way I can check the stroller though (which is still free on all airlines) and just wheel him in this. We have used it the past few times we have flown as a family, and the thing really is priceless.
Nothing can be worse than that last flight, so the good news is things can only get better this time around. Oh dear God what am I doing.....


The Missus said...

That is the cutest picture of you two!

Does he have to have his own seat now that he is two years old?

Yummy Mummy said...

Thanks! We had to capture one of the only times he has ever slept on a plane!

He does have to have his own seat, but I used to get him one whenever I'd travel alone with him. The ability to tie him down in the car seat is worth much more than the double fare!

That Girl39 said...

Good luck! Bribery on a plane is a must! Whatever gets you through is my mantra! x

Melinda said...

Bribery is very successful, we brought our 2 year old to Italy and the return flight was 9 hours. I had a bag full of new trucks, crayons, paper, and all of his favorite foods to bribe him. It worked out very well (he fussed a little -- he is 2!) we received several compliants from the nearby passengers. It is amazing what they understand at 2 such as telling him no one on this plane wants to hear you cry -- that was surprisingly effective (we also use it in restaurants!)
Good luck!

Polly said...

oooh Good luck, I hope its a little easier for you this year.

Laura Lohr : My Beautiful Life said...

We have traveled on long flights (16 hours!!! on one leg! Good God!) and I have used bribery every time. I usually wrap the "presents" and ration them out to stretch the novelty out. Works like a charm!

Good luck and hopefully, leaving early is the trick for you!

Anonymous said...

OMG I cannot wait to read about this plane trip. I still haven't recouperated from the last one. I wish you all the luck in the world and order a drink ok?
I remember when I took my two little girls to Arizona, the youngest one thought it would be funny to stare at everyone with her eyes crossed! I was mortified when I saw what she was doing.
Enjoy your trip.


Anonymous said...

I travelled with 4 children under 5 years of age. I also recommend bringing videos you typically don't let him watch. This would be a huge treat and he cant say he has already seen something. Do not forget lollipops for take off and landing. As long as he is sucking on something that part should go must smoother.