That Damn Dress.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

For the past few weeks I have been haunted by a dress. Yes, the above show has become "that damn dress" in my world. Everywhere I turn I see this dress. It is in every magazine, on every billboard, and even today I passed it at a bus station. Why is this dress haunting me? Because I am totally and completely unable to get my grubby little paws on it.

I love this dress. I love the watercolor effect, love the kimono style, love the flowy sleeves, love, love, love it. The price? It doesn't get much cheaper than 19.99$. Seriously, that is like the price of a sandwich and a coffee around here, so needless to say I want this dress. W.A.N.T. No, it is not going to be part of my "lifetime" collection, but for a one season wear I think it is about the sweetest deal in town. If I lived in a town in "pretend land."

See the problem is that his amazingly, magnificent dress doesn't exist. Sure it exists somewhere but not anywhere that I can find. It is made by H&M which means it might as well be made by Lanvin, the two are equally impossible to fine. Yes, there is an H&M on every corner, but as most of you know H&M is the kind of place where you shop when you aren't actually looking for anything specific. Go in looking for a dress that is in ALL OF THEIR ADDS and they will look at you like you are some kind of crazy person. Go in a second time with a picture of said add and you will be kindly escorted out. Go in a third time pointing at the picture IN THEIR WINDOW and the men in blue will be there faster than you can say discount shopping (no that did not really happen.) The point is if you advertise a dress shouldn't you then have to carry it?

No. Apparently not.

So far this dress has been able to allude me, but what it does not know is that my fabulous sister-in-law just so happens to live and work in Manhattan (I know, jealous right?) and Manhattan also happens to be home to the mother of all H&Ms. Basically if this dress truly exists than it should be there. My lovely has agreed to fight the crowds this evening in search of that damn dress. May the force be with her!!!!

Update to follow.


Ashley said...

I thought the line wasn't being released until the 18th? I'll admit to wanting to try this dress on myself, are you just thinking you won't find it or do you know for sure? I was going to head to Newbury St Thurs to check the line out.

Christyrenee said...

That dress is so pretty! I'm loving so many of H&M's pieces for Spring. I really hope your SIL finds it for you!!!

lunarossa said...

I've checked on the H&M website GB and the dress is supposed to hit the store on the 25th March (preview on 18th, whatever it means!). The cost here is £14.99!!! Should you miss it in the US, let me know and I'll try to get you for you here. Just email me with your size and address(address on my website). Ciao. A.

Meg said...

So, I was in h&m this AM, and I asked... and she said that it is part of the 'trend' dept., which is only sold in NYC... No idea if there's truth to this or not, but your SIL might be the way to go!

Jodi said...

It kind of looks like a bath robe to me. I am the first to admit that i am fashion challenged however. I am so jealous of your veneers. I knew i should have married a doctor (ha ha).

Polly said...

Awesome dress, can't wait to hear if you get your paws on it.

Yummy Mummy said...

Update: Went to Newbury store. 0 luck again. they looked at me like i was an alien when I asked about it.

SIL heading down tonite.

Lunarossa...I may just take you up on that! My dress hero!!!


Anonymous said...

According to FabSugar,, it will be released tomorrow.

Kerrianne said...

love your fashion sense, but I'm afraid this looks like a housecoat that elderly women wear ( even the print). I'm wondering if it's polyester, which would be even worse news. I put myself through college as a nurse's aide in nursing homes and that dress is a dead ringer for Mrs. Pratt's Tuesday favorite. Sorry! We can agree to disagree, right?