Happy Birthday To Me!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

This year my 31st birthday happened to fall on Mother's Day. Yep, that makes for a double whammy in the present department. This year my husband do not disappoint and I received the best surprise ever. The present itself was not the surprise, no in this case the surprise came when my hubby surprisingly decided that I could order what I have been lusting over since my little man was born...a digital SLR camera! Just saying it out loud brings tears to my eyes (really it does.) And not just any SLR, mind you, but my dream camera, the camera that has consumed my thoughts for over  a year, a camera so beautiful, so fast, so light, that it could be none other than the Nikon d90 ! 

Oooohhhhhh isn't she just beautiful?

My perfect package arrived about 2 weeks ago, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. While I am very much a novice, and have only used the auto feature, I can already see an amazing difference in the photos that I am taking (some of which have been featured on the blog this past week.) In the Fall I plan on taking some classes and I can't be more excited about the possibility of having some amazing pictures of my little man that will truly be wall worthy. (When I say wall worthy I mean hopefully they will be able to be enlarged the size of the actual wall.)

Other than my Mac this really is the most amazing present I have ever received and I hope that soon I will be able to get the skills to do this amazing camera justice. This camera is so light that I plan on taking it everywhere with me, so hopefully I will have many more beautiful pictures left to share with you. 

Happy, happy birthday to me! This camera is so worth the new year of wrinkles! 


Meaghan said...

That is so crazy...I literally ordered the exact same camera model yesterday. I can't wait to get it (and also to see how you like using it!). I just took a 7 week class at the BCAE for digital photography...I thought it was pretty helpful in learning about all the different types of settings and re-touching images on a computer.

Happy Birthday!

lunarossa said...

Happy birthday, my dear! What a great present, congratulations! Ciao. A.

KelliJ said...

Happy birthday! Our camera just broke, and we're looking for a replacement. I just might have to check out your present!

Sammy said...

Happy Birthday!

Enjoy your new camera :)

A friendly tip? Try and read all the instructions to really learn the best features of the camera.


joven said...

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nmaha said...

Omg! ure so lucky....I've been lusting after the same SLR and my husband has promised to get it for me with our first profit from the business (hope the wait isn't too long).....
I've started a brand new blog on being a mummy and running our own business.....would love to connect, please visit and let me know what u think

nmaha said...

oops, my url is http://morethanjustmummy.blogspot.com/

Polly said...

Im a canon girl myself but my DSLR is my best friend and I love the snaps I am getting of the boys these days.

designed harmony said...

You will LOVE this camera - my partner has one. Did you know that people are shooting films and TV shows with the exact model?
See what it can do -

Have fun capturing your gorgeous family with it!
Can't wait to see your beautiful shots!

ThatGirl39 said...

Wow fab gift. You can't beat an SLR camera when taking pics of kids! Can't wait to see more great blog pics! Glad you had a wonderful birthday lovely blog friend! xx

Julie Q said...

Happy Birthday!!! How did I miss your bday? What rock have I been under. We will have to toast to your bday when we meet up in NYC for Carrie & Cosmos :) :)