Wardrobe Essentials 2: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ahhhhhh shoes. Really, what girl doesn't love a new pair of shoes? I for one do, but sticking with my motto of quality over quantity I probably only purchase one or two new pairs of shoes a year. Leaving out the sneakers, and flip flops below is my entire shoe collection. And yes, I consider all of them to be essential!

1) A Dress Heel.
This is the one area where I did some double dipping, but I simply could not resist the deal I got on my second pair. I love that these shoes are timeless and go with virtually everything. Both are by Christian Louboutin (aka the master.)

2) Over The Knee Boot. 
I fell in love with this boot last year and I can definitely say that I have gotten my money's worth out of these babies. I wear them with everything, from chunky sweaters and jeans, to tights and dresses. I am so happy I went with the suade rather than basic leather, it really adds a great texture to any outfit.Boots by Joie.

3) A Summer Wedge.
I am a huge wedge fan. Huge. I love these gladiator style suede wedges more than anything else in my shoe wardrobe. I wear them with jeans, dresses, shorts, you name it. This "perfect" wedge is made by Cynthia Vincent.

4) Patent Leather Heel.
I think this is a "must have" for any shoe wardrobe. I bought these 4 years ago and I have probably worn them over 100 times. I love them with tights in the Winter and bare legs in the Summer. When I helped my girlfriend re-do her wardrobe I insisted that this be the first thing that she bought. The patent protects the heel and keeps it from scuffing, and the platform gives some great height without sacrificing comfort. These are by Marc Jacobs, but if I was in the market for another version it would absolutely be these by Brian Atwood

5) A Great Flat.
This is another "essential" for my shoe wardrobe. I prefer my flat to have a pop of color. I chose the patent red in case I ever get stuck in the rain. Almost as comfortable as my sneakers I "live" in these shoes. Flats by Tory Burch. 

6) Motorcycle Boot.
This is my newest addition to my closet and right now it is my absolute favorite. If there is any reason to hope for cooler weather, than this is it. I was on the fence about what style/color to get, but after seeing them here I couldn't be happier with the 3 buckle in dark brown. Now if I could just find a man with a bike! Boots by Fiorentini + Baker.

7) Gladiator Sandal.
For me summer equals a great gladiator sandal. They are a great mix of style and comfort and are pared perfectly with a great summer dress. I do a lot of walking in these babies so I definitely don't "invest" in these. Last season I was loving the snakeskin gladiator by Sam Edelman and this year it's the tan leather by Aldo. 

8) Fringe.
Perhaps it's the boho mama in me, but I love (! )some fringe on a shoe. I wear it two ways. The top is a minnetonka moccasin, and the bottom is a sandal by Cynthia Vincent. 

9) The Jeweled Sandal.
What Summer dress would be complete without a jeweled sandal. I fell in love with the turquoise on this sandal and wear it with white all season long. By Mystique.

10) A Sexy Summer Heel.
As much as I would like to, I can't wear my Louboutins everywhere, and sometimes I am in need of a more causal heel to wear with dresses or skinny jeans during the warmer months. These neutral heels by Michael Kors fit the bill perfectly. 

11) A Riding Boot.
Do you know what I love most about a riding boot? I love that the more you beat them up, the better they look. You definitely can't say that about too many things! These boots by Coach have definitely taken a licking and year after year they keep on ticking. 

12) The Wellie.
By Hunter, need I say more?


13) A Snow Boot.
A must have for this New England mum. Makes running around the city much warmer, and MUCH safer. This one adds some flair with the fur. Just because you are freezing doesn't mean you can't be fashionable! Snow boot by Sorel. 

So there you have it, my entire shoe wardrobe. It took me a few years to build this collection and a few years from now it will probably look almost exactly the same. I think that's the beauty of building a great working wardrobe, whether it's clothes or shoes, a classic never goes out of style!

That being said, there are a few trends I'm loving right now... these will be featured in tomorrow's post. 

I hope you al are enjoying a peek inside my closet, special thanks go out to my SIL foot model for lending her piggies in some of the pictures. 


Julie Q said...

in love with your shoe collection!! I think you've started something amazing- every blogger should do a post like this! except you've set the bar with labels :)

Lilian said...

Could she be more stylin'? Nice stuff you've got there:-)

Anonymous said...

I have closet envy. As I was drooling over the posts taking notes, my husband was in the background threatening to cut me off completely if I came home with a pair of CL's. A girl can dream....

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Wow youhave some gret shoes! I must read your blog more often!

FortyNotOut said...

Gorgeous footwear selection YM and if it weren't for my shoe addiction I could do with taking a leaf out of your book and whittling down my shoe numbers.. but I cant! xx

North East Chic! said...

Hi YM, I know this post is old, but I just purchased a pair of the snakeskin gladiator sandals from Sam Edelman that you had posted, and I have no idea what to wear them with. I had remembered reading that you had the same pair so was wondering if you had a spare moment if you could provide some styling advice on what to wear these with? Colors etc? I really admire your style and fashion sense, so I knew you could probably give me some great tips as to what you wore yours with! Thanks so much!!!

Gabbie cbg said...

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