When The Cat's Away, The Mice Will... Redecorate?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

When my husband left for his trip on Thursday I saw huge a window of opportunity to begin some of the "projects" that I have been dying to do around the house. It's not that my hubby was totally against the idea, it's just that he absolutely did not think I would be able to pull it off. I quickly realized that having him over my shoulder was not going to be the best way to get done what I wanted to, so as soon as the wheels of his plane left the tarmac my little man and I got to work. Originally, this was supposed to be a solo project, but given that my little man was home sick with the stomach flu (which that God I never got) I figured that I would use my little helper to my advantage. Sure, there were some tense moments (think me holding my breath while the little man held the chalkboard covered paintbrush) but overall having him around actually did help. He took such pride in handing me the hammer, nails, and leveler and keeps telling everyone how he made "a big boy room." Dad was a little more than shocked when he saw the final project on Skype, but I have a feeling that since this one went so well I will finally get the go ahead to do some of the others. So what did we do?

First we hung some new wood pictures
 (from Pottery Barn kids)

Then we did some serious furniture moving. 
The "before" can be seen here.

We taped off the area where the crib used to be. 
This was the longest part of the whole project (let's just say a two year old and a laser leveler are not the best combination.)

Then we sanded the wall.

Applied the paint. This is after two coats. One we did before nap and the other after. It was dry to the touch after 30 minutes and there were absolutely no fumes. 

Here is the side view.

Next we taped off the area for the moulding.
 I purchased it at home depot and when I looked lost (intentionally) an employee offered to cut it for me. I used basic wood moulding and then painted it with two coats prior to hanging. 

We weren't able to get the wood to abut right (who knew how hard it was to cut a 45% angle) But with some quick drying putty I was able to create a flat surface. I then painted the entire strip with a third coat.

We could have done without the moulding (which was by far the most difficult task) but I think it definitely adds something.
Here is the wall without the moulding.

And here it is with. 

Not bad for 2 days work and about 100 dollars!


Legally Brunette said...

This looks fantastic. Great job YM and LM!

Julie Q said...

what an AWESOME job! is it weird that I want that in my bedroom too? hahaha

BB said...

I love it! The molding definitely sets it off well. My husband has replaced a bunch of the trim board in our house and discovered that most corners are not quite exactly 45 degrees, so you can blame the wall :)

The Missus said...

You wanna come to Toronto and paint a blackboard wall in my office????

Anonymous said...

Looks great!! I'll definitely keep that in my for my little ones!

PS. I have a tendency to rearrange furnature when my hubby is gone...must be a wife thing :)

Jo said...

Nice job...it looks great. and the molding was worth the aggro.

KelliJ said...

Great job!! Love the molding. I learned while we redid our kitchen that no wall is square so there are "tricks" to getting molding to look right (shims, caulking, etc.) Smart idea to do it while the hubs is away. My mom has always "played" around the house when my dad's traveling, and it just makes life SO much easier.

North Shore Mama said...

Looks a lot like my son's room! We have the same rug, color on the walls and our crib is gray (ouef sparrow). I LOVE the big boy bed, where did you find it? Love the chalkboard wall as well!

Yummy Mummy said...

Okay you all made me feel much better! I have been holding my breath until my hubby gets home. The little man and I love it!

North shore mama, the bed is actually a frame circa 2000 from Ikea. It was my first purchase for my first apartment. We were going to toss it but I love the hight for the little man so I'm going to strip it and paint it navy. I'm pretty sure they still have a style just like this!

Yummy Mummy said...

Oh and Missus and JQ.... name the time and we'll happily make you one too!

thegirls said...
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thegirls said...

looks so good! i love the intentionally look lost at home depot part. HA... i do the same thing! they have great customer service for the ladies ;)

And I think the molding adds a nice touch... definitely frames things!

sarah, flourish design + style said...

Love this room! You did a fantastic job! I know how challenging it can be with little ones around too :) Love the colors, and curtains.. well all of it! xx