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Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm not sure if it's the hormones that have led to my cheery mood, or if it's the fact that my favorite time of year is almost upon us (Yay Christmas) but there are just so many things that I am loving right now. Here are are just a few of the things that are currently putting a smile on my face...

Right now I am loving the fact that I no longer have to hate pregnant women just because they are pregnant. (Friends of course have been excluded from this.) Take Rachel Zoe for example. Had she announced her pregnancy a few months ago I would have said something to the effect of, "Seriously? How is that even possible? The woman weighs as much as my toddler and has so much Botox coursing through her veins that she is practically embalmed." Well, now that I too am with child, I only think these things (I mean we all remember this picture, right?) and now say, "How great for her and Rodge, not only is this going to make her show even more bananas, but  I can totally copy steal her pregnancy style." How could you not love that?

Today is the day that the very last (sad face) Oprah's favorite things will air. I don't know why I am so nostalgic about this show, I haven't watched it for the past few years, yet now I find myself taping (and actually watching) every episode. Favorite things is absolutely the best show of the year, and lucky for me today the little man is home from school. Throw in a perfectly timed nap and a new carton of peppermint hot chocolate, and, well, let's just say that it looks like Christmas is coming early in my house today.

Right now I am loving that Princess Diana is back in the headlines, even if it's just because of her amazing engagement ring. As far as I am concerned there is almost nothing better than a royal wedding, and this is one that I am definitely looking forward too. Now if Kate would just agree to wear Diana's wedding dress... oh a girl can dream.

Speaking of weddings, I'm not necessarily loving this, but I must admit I do get a little happy when I hear about couples breaking up who spent a ridiculous amount of money on their wedding. Remember this 1,000,000.00$ wedding that took place not even 3 years ago? I mean, come on! You can't make it last more than three years after throwing away that kind of cash? That's 333,000.00 dollars a year, one of which the dude spent texting another woman. I am pretty anti expensive weddings from the get go (mine was under 8,000) but I figure you should at least make sure you are in it for the long haul before throwing away that kind of dough! I don't think that Desperate Housewives is paying that well (is that show even still on?)

Moving on, although I think that Anderson Cooper was CLEARLY robbed, I must say I am pretty happy with this year's Sexiest Man Alive. After The Proposal I may or may not have added this man to my top 5, and seeing him all over the news has definitely brightened my week. 

I have to thank my bestie M for this one. To combat morning sickness (which I have been getting a little more each day) she turned me on to these little pressure bands you can get at the drugstore. They seem to be working (although I'm not quite sure if they are actually working, or if it is because I think they are working) and either way I'm very happy with my 10 dollar purchase!

I am also currently loving this whole "feud" between Jessica Simpson and Vanessa Manillo. I can not believe Jess not only bought her own ring, but couldn't even let her ex have a week of engagement bliss before trying to rain on his happiness parade. I feel like you can just smell the desperation, and yet I am loving it! I would like to, right now, pitch the greatest reality show, ever invented. Vanessa and Jess, dueling weddings, pregnancies, baby showers...etc. The show could go on for years, and the viewers could vote on who is the best each week. Hey, I'd absolutely watch!

Most of all this week I am LOVING the fact that my kid has been deemed "normal" by the experts. We had our OT evaluation this morning, and the diagnosis is that he is a happy and healthy "normal" three-year-old. They said he is stubborn, smart, active, and has very advanced motor skills, all things we already knew. I thought I would be annoyed that we even had to go through what turned out to be nonsense, but in the end I realize that you can never underestimate how awesome it is to have a person, who knows what they are talking about, tell you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with your kid. That was definitely worth the 25 dollar copay and hour of playtime!

Lastly, I am currently loving you readers! Now only are you loyal, supportive, and generally fabulous, but you often write in with some killer ideas for the blog. A few of you have asked for a holiday gift guide, kids... family... etc., and to tell you the truth I have been dying to do one, so consider that my new Thanksgiving project!


Adrienne said...

I am currently loving this post! I agree- the Jess/Vanessa feud is the best, and anything that brings Princess Di back melts my heart!

Sarah at The Stroller Ballet said...

Great post! I am totally obsessed with all things royal wedding right now. FYI - for morning sickness, the sea bands didn't work too well for me, but "preggie pops" worked wonders. They are these little sour candies/lollipops. I LIVED on them my first trimester when I had terrible morning sickness!

Anonymous said...

date for royal wedding set. more to look forward to.

Polly said...

We used to wear those bands as kids in the car - great for car sickness.

Mary said...

I am currently loving your blog! Very fun. I have an almost-4-year-old little boy and think we have a lot in common.

I adore looking at Diana's ring too - so gorgeous. It will be a fun wedding to watch for sure.