Oh, Gwyneth.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oh, Gwyneth...

A year ago I was thinking you were over. Your newsletter was 1/2 preachy, and 1/4 boring, and 1/4 elitist. Your clothes were still fabulous, and sure you were looking gorgeous, but you didn't seem to be interested in anything else career wise. I have to admit I had written you off.

But now look at you.

Here I am counting the hours before your Glee premiere, which I just know is going to be fanfreakingtastic. (Just in case you were wondering, there are 5 hours, 9 minutes, and 51 seconds left.) I mean, a cover of Umbrella? Yeah, It's going to be awesome.

While always a style icon, lately you have been sporting these ridiculously fierce looks that have truly left me oohing and aahhing. The body, the hair, the impeccable styling. I die.

And of course, there is this song, seriously the balls it must have taken to get up and sing, a country song no less, in front of all those people. Well, consider me impressed.

To top it off, I am still obsessed with this Summer's spread in Vogue. What can I say, you had me at buzz lightyear. One can only wish to look this fabulous while lazying around, preparing dinner. Oops, I must have left my gown at the cleaners...

Let us not forget that you are still married to to the man of my dreams, and seem to be a pretty awesome mom to those two cutie pie kids. Le Swoon.

Yes Gwyn, this is me apologizing. I'm sorry I ever doubted you. You may just be the yummiest mummy of them all.

Forever your fan,


P.S. I still think you can do A LOT better with your newsletter, but given your current state of fabulosity, I might just have to re-subscribe.


Chicago Cuisine Critique said...

I too am so excited for tonight's episode. :)

North East Chic! said...

hands off Chris Martin!! He's mine!!! :)

lunarossa said...

The only good thing about the women is her husband. Period. Baci. A.

yummy mommy said...

Yes she might just be one of the yummiest mummy ever... but I agree that Goop is crap! she should either do better or stop it!

william said...

I love Love Love that mummy and her husband too :D :))