Because NO ONE Wants To See a Naked Bump!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I've been desperately trying to avoid purchasing any new maternity clothes to cover my ever growing bump, desperately. In fact, I have been doing great during these cold winter months given that my usual wear consists of leggings, long chunky sweaters, and T's. These items easily double as maternity wear, and to be honest, up until now, I thought the same could be said about my existing warm weather clothes. And then I tried some of them on, yeah, not so much. See, I'm pretty sure that when you are not pregnant, you forget just how massive you were when there was a baby growing inside of you. I tried a few tops on over the weekend, and even at 18 weeks, things are looking a bit short and tight (never a good look) and to wear them 20 weeks from now? Forget about it!

Because no one wants to see a naked bump, and because my last ENTIRE maternity wardrobe consisted of work suits, and Juicy sweatpants (I wish I was kidding,) I decided that before we head to California in a few weeks, it was in my best interest to pick up something to keep me covered. I looked for clothes that weren't exactly "maternity," ordered a few sizes up, and picked fits that would cover my belly, while also being super appropriate for wear while shedding those last 10, 20, or 30 lbs (this is still TBD.) I didn't want to break the bank, because by the time these things make it through Summer, spit up, and breast feeding, I'm not quite sure what type of shape they will be in. Lastly, I looked for super neutral colors that would easily mix and match. It's not a lot, but with the right accessories I think it's the perfect Spring, Summer, (Non) Maternity wardrobe!

Clockwise from top left.

1) Striped Sailor Shirt, J.Crew.
2) Olive Striped Sweater, J.Crew.
3) Navy Schoolboy Blazer, J.Crew.
4) Ribbed Tank (I picked up a few in various colors), Gap Maternity.
5) Cotton Maxi Dress, Gypsy 05.
6) Striped Skirt, Anthropologie.
7) Skinny Jeans, Gap Maternity.
8) Cotton Maxi Dress, Gypsy 05.

Now if the warm weather could just get here already! Ah, well, at least I'll be ready... and clothed!


EWakefield said...

No kidding.. Naked bump...ahh No Thank You! LOL!

Don't forget a belly-band. Works great to keep those non maternity pants in the running as long as possible(wore mine till 25 weeks)and helps keep those maternity pants staying up so I don't have to keep hiking up my pants like every 30 seconds!

Anonymous said...

Yum - I'm 6 weeks pregnant w/ my first - obviously I'm still far away from clothing "issues" - but I was curious about how to "order up" - for example, I'm a size 2 or a "Small" at JCrew/Banana etc - so if I'm trying to work with mainstream (read - non-maternity) lines, such as J Crew - when the time comes, would you recommend ordering say, a sweater or shirt one size up or two? and does it affect the overall fit (arms/shoulders/etc) or does that typically fall into place once you take account of the belly? Any advice would be appreciated!!! Even though I don't need to worry about it yet, I'm already thinking ahead to staying comfortable this summer - Thanks so much!

Haylee's Mommy said...

That's an awful lot of horizontal stripes. I though the idea was to "minimize" the appearance of hugeness. Didn't you ever get the memo on horizontal stripes?

Grace in CO said...

I too, will be sporting a bump this summer, and I say it is all about the maxi dresses! Sooo comfortable, and hate wearing pants/jeans when I am pregnant. Check out the Nordstrom juniors section... they have some cute ones without the high price tag.

Yummy Mummy said...

i realize that horizontal stripes can make you looks bigger, but I don't really have any desire to minimize "the bump:" just cover it, hopefully fashionably. i clearly love stripes and think they are a great basic. I don't really try to hide my hide my pregnancy, but rather celebrate it!

Anonymous said...

Not to mention, narrow horizontal stripes are actually very flattering, so that maxi skirt is going to look fantastic!

beck said...

I have to say, I feel like buying non maternity clothes in larger sizes actually makes you look more frumpy. Buy things that were made for a pregnant body and that are fitted where they should be.

Kaydence said...

You go ahead and celebrate that magical miracle bump, girl! You earned it! Stick that belly out proud!

Jenna G. said...

I really like Yummy Mummy's style advice and the general tone of this blog, but I have a question to ask the previous commenter, Kaydence.

How exactly did she "earn it"? Pregnancy, when wanted, is a nice thing for the person it happens to. But how exactly does one "earn" the right to celebrate their "bump" (I HATE that word, FWIW)

Does one pregnant woman have more of a right to celebrate their big belly more than another one does, because it took her longer and she had to take shots daily and have IVF to acheive it?

I'm sorry, but that's a process she CHOSE to put herself through. No offense to Yummy Mummy here. This is really directed at Kaydence because the logic of "you earned it, girlfiend!" is totally lost on me. It's not like we're talking about someone who beat cancer here.

Yummy Mummy said...

I realize that it's not like beating a deadly disease, but I too am going to have to say I earned it.

Infertility is something you have to go through to understand. Clearly we chose to have another baby, but that choice has clearly not been an easy one, and has been more difficult that anything else that I have achieved, including Law School, Marriage, Raising a child.

I don't think the statement implied that I had any more right than anyone else to celebrate my pregnancy, and I certainly don't feel that way, but as with any challenge, once you have overcome it, you want to enjoy it.

Sometimes I think things get taken way to seriously around here. What is meant to be encouragement doesn't need to always be picked apart with a literal translation.

Jenna G. said...

Sorry, but I HAVE gone through infertility so I most definitely understand it. I went through it for 6 years. Please be careful pulling the "you have to have gone through it to understand" line when you don't even know who you are speaking to.

Happy to hear you are getting what you wanted (as did I after 6 years) but in no way did anybody "earn" anything here.

Anonymous said...

I truly do not understand the nit-picking over a lighthearted fasion post and a positive, friendly, encouraging comment!!! haha...on another note bought the same olive and white striped sweater from JCrew and LOVE it!

Teresa S. said...

Earn the right to stick out one's preggo belly? WTF are you people talking about? Who cares?

No one cares about anyone else's bump. Just please wear clothes over it and for the love of God, no bikinis.