Sweatshirt Chic.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Is there anything better on a cold winter day than your favorite sweatshirt? Days like today, when I am dreading even walking out the door, I'm really enjoying staying in something that resembles my pajamas as much as I can. Lately, I've been wearing my favorite ones with a plaid flannel shirt underneath, and either a fur vest, blazer or trench over. Best part? It makes getting ready for bed at the end of the day a breeze. ;)

Below is a little "sweatshirt chic" inspiration. 

Stay warm everyone. Only 34 days until Spring!


Sortof SuperMom said...

Yup, I want it. I'm bookmarking this post so I can come back to the sweatshirt link! So cute.

Judith Hurrell said...

Loving your work with the sweatshirt and flannel shirt. PJs for day. Awesome.