I Guess He's Ready Too.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Over the past few weeks the little man has become a bit baby obsessed (hmmm maybe this has something to do with with his baby obsessed mom?) More likely I think it has something to do with the fact we have been spending a lot of time with my friends who just had babies. Either way he wants one of his very own (hey dude I hear you loud and clear.) This morning he just had to have his "baby" aka a picture of himself as a baby, in his crib.

First they laid down next to each other.

Then they went "night night" together. 

Finally, the little man said shhhhhhhhh and we left the baby to finish "his" slumber in quiet.

Sometimes this kid is so damn cute he kills me. 

Happy Sunday to you all. 


ModernMom said...

Hi there. Just stumbled over here from Forty Not Out and had to comment. Your blog and baby are so cute! I loved reading your posts!

pokerfacemom said...

Too cute! And I hope he gets his baby brother or sister real soon!