Jimmy Choo for H&M? Christmas Is Coming Early This Year.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wow. I'm almost speechless. Lucky for this blog, that is an almost. Yesterday it was announced that Jimmy Choo was doing a collection for the discount retailer H&M. Um, YAY!!!! Here is a sneak peak of a few things that they are working on. 

Apparently it is going to be a full accessories collection, hold for it.........including bags! Yeah, Hi, Mommy likes! Mommy likes big time.

I must add the following caveat to my bubbling excitement. About this time last year I was just as excited when I heard that Matthew Williamson was working with the store, and I was equally as disappointed when I found it nearly impossible to get my hands on any of these gorgeous, reasonably priced pieces. I missed the limited collection, and since the full collection came out mid May I have yet to see any of these items at the Newbury or Cambridge H&M (and believe me I looked.)

The coveted items are due out November 14th to selected stores. What stores? Trust me I will make it my mission to find out because if anything in this collection is half as cool as those Choo Hunter Wellies, well.....let's just say, anyone feel like camping out with me?

I make a mean s'more and really Novemeber isn't that cold. 


lunarossa said...

Gosh, I bet the collection will be only fo the US and we won't get anything as usual! Sigh! Ciao. A.

Cali-Ally said...

I'm so in...I have extra sleeping bags and fleece throws ;)

Can't wait to check it out...I'll be scouting the H&Ms here too!


That Girl said...

I want, I want, I want!! But I bet I won't get unless I'm prepared to queue for a VERY long time. And am I? Hell Yeah - Its Jimmy Choo after all!! I read that it would be in all stores so heres hoping!! x

auntiegwen said...

And they say there's not a God !

grosmami said...

lunarossa,they advertise here in europe also-it will arrive in the fall!

pokerfacemom said...

Gorgeous heels! How I miss them so!I can't wait for my babies to grow up so that I can sport around in high heels again! I better take that back!LOL I can still wear them around on a night out in the town with the hubby!

Polly said...

No joy for me here in Aus. Oh well.