Can't We Just Get Each Other Paper?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Disclaimer: File the following under TMI if you are getting bored with the fertility updates. I hope just as much as you do that soon this will be over and we can get back to the fun stuff. For now there isn't much else on my mind so I apologize in advance.

We all know that I am a bit of an overachiever. Well, it turns out that my eggs are as well. I am currently taking the lowest dose of medication and the goal was for me to produce 2-3 eggs. Right now I've got 6 "real" eggs, and about 22 that have the potential to grow, grow, grow. Robin and Steve = 28? I don't think so.

Needless to say we have opted for the switch to IVF where all 28 egglets will be removed and a small number which we will decide on tomorrow (1-2) will be re-implanted. The scheduling of this has been a nightmare to say the least. Thank god my back up sitter is able to come every day for the next week so on days like today where my 1/2 hour Dr. apt turned into 3 hour one, I don't have to worry about a screaming child. Of course the only day she can't come is on Saturday which is my likely egg retrieval day, but I'm sure we can figure something out. Saturday also happens to be my 6th anniversary. What am I giving my husband? 28 potential babies. What is he giving me? About 100,000 sperm. I think it would have been easier just to give each other paper or something.

Generally I feel fine. No real physical complications (except I can't go to the gym per the doc, I feel kind of "off," and my head is threatening to explode any minute, not to mention the two pounds that I magically put on overnight.) That being said, the injections and their side effects are the easy part.

What really sucks is all of the daily annoyances. Things like my insurance Co. deciding on the first day of 2010 to deny all my medications (this was reversed today after an angry call from my patient manager.) Or the fact that now I will have to try to find a place to get my blood drawn every day while we are in Fiji where we will be going "against medical advice" in two weeks (considering the 20 acre island we are staying on this may be easier said than done.) Or the fact that I can't even take a PG test because it will give a false positive...the list goes on and on.

What happened to the old fashioned way of having one to many drinks, a roll in the hay, and a few weeks later "OMG I'm preganant...I can't believe it?" Oh yeah, that shit only happens in the movies.

Happy anniversary pass the injection.


Anonymous said...

WOW- that is an amazing quantity of eggs, congrats!!

Best of Luck with the IVF!!

Mummy365 said...

Wow, good luck. I've been trying since last June, so feel your pain. What still gets me is how all these under 16s do it once in the bus stop and get pregnant - not fair! xx

The Missus said...


Great post Yummy!

Sorry for all the baby-mama drama you are having... But it will be worth it!

Julie Q said...

I have a good feeling about this!!!!! and a happy early anniversary to you two :)

Jodi said...

Implant two! I had 22 eggs developing when they captured six with the trigger shot for IUI and I got pregnant with the twins (i know i already told u)...That is so weird your results are exactly the same from the injections (75 units follistim i think) only you are not an insane person and doing an IUI like I did. That sucks you can't go to the gym. Just a warning my ovaries were the size of grape fruits so when I was 14 dpo I couldn't button my pants anymore it never progressed anymore then that though the OHSS just the swelling and some soreness
Good luck!

Polly said...

Nice work Yum.