Yep, He's Definitely My Son.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Today the Little Man was playing with his new fireman that Santa was kind enough to bring him for Christmas this year. He spent a few minutes teaching him how to walk, sleep, and of course drive the fire truck. He then did something that let me know that he was definitely my son.

I looked over at him and asked him what "Mr. Fireman" was doing. He looked back at me with a serious look on his face and said, "Down Dog Mama."

I went in for a closer look, and my Little Man was right... Mr. Fireman was working on a perfect Down Dog. Maybe I should take this picture down to the local fire station, I'm sure those guys could use a good laugh. It might even inspire a new movement!


Marco said...

Classic! That is really funny!

Polly said...

Love it!

sunrise said...

Wow, that fireman toy has got down dog totally mastered! Very cute.

Have you got the kids programme "Waybaloo" over there? It's a cartoon featuring 4 sweet characters who practice yoga. My daughter adores it, and insists we practice all the moves very regularly. Down dog is a regular feature of our daytime routine! Think your lm would enjoy it.

Elisa said...

So THAT's how those firemen get the buff bodies, hours of power yoga!

This is totally adorable :-)