I Will Not Cry, I Will Not Cry.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm not referring to the devastating loss for Martha Coakley last night (that I have shed more than my share of tears over.) Rather right now I am I trying not to think about the fact that tomorrow morning I will be leaving my little man for our dream vacation for 11 days. Gulp. Vacation = Awesome. 11 days without the LM = Not Awesome.

I will not think about:
  • the 11 "Good Morning Mama, I'm Awake!" calls I'll be missing.
  • the 10 night spent rocking and singing to my little guy while we recap our day.
  • the 15 kisses a day that my lips will be without.
  • the 200+ new words that he will know and use by the time I return.
  • the way he smells like honey when he gets out of the bath.
  • the 300+ smiles a day that I my eyes won't be able to see (that's about 3000 smiles) Gulp.
  • that sweet little voice screaming "I did it!!!!!" when he learns something new.
  • the sound of the little pitter patter as he runs about 15 miles around my living room (*daily.)
I will not think about any of this, and I will not cry. Today at least. Nope, today I am going to enjoy almost every second I have with my little boy and I am going to keep re-reading this post from our trip last year where I wrote about how amazing our last trip was and how crazy I was to ever doubt not going. I have followed my own checklist and I keep reminding myself that this is going to be great for both of us. I'm sure by the time I hit the beach (after 36+ hours of travel) my tears surely will have dried up.

10 days without my little man may be doable, but 10 days without blogging? We all know that's not going to happen! I've been assured my 20 acre South Pacific island has internet so I'll be putting that signal to the test. I may not be here as often, but I will definitely be here with updates from our travels.

I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry. Oh, Fiji here we come.


LouBoo said...

Hi YM, I can relate to every word...we left our three year old daughter a few years back to go from UK to Hawaii (as in right the other side of the world, could not really get any further away if we tried!). Gone for 9 days, I never thought I would manage! I cried all the way on the plane - and that's a long old flight. But as you say, it will all be OK once you get there...so worth it and when you come home - all the better for having had the break...

Ellie said...

What a sweet post! I think that you may have single-handedly convinced me to reconsider my no children policy.

You will love, love, love Fiji. Although, as you have no doubt surmised, the plane ride SUCKS.

ThatGirl39 said...

Oh wow... you have a wonderful time!!! Its always hard to leave them but as well as being an experience for you, its also a life one for them. It all goes towards making them more independent one day. Have a safe journey and look forward to lots of blog posts and pics from Fiji. Fiji... just the word in itself is enough to bring a smile to my face xx

The Missus said...

Aww! So sweet! Have a great time, Yum! So jealous... FIJI!!!!

WhollyMothers said...

One word - bula. Once you get there, you'll know what I'm talking about :)

MsRuckus said...

Have a fantastic time! I am a firm believer that taking the time for you and your partner is essential. Love every minute of it.

Julie Q said...

Have an AMAZING trip!! Cannot wait to see pix.

Jodi said...

I am jealous! So is your MIL coming to stay? I was thinking since they are almost 2 I should cut the umbilical cord soon and try a night away BUT I only feel comfortable if my mom or MIL will stay the night at our house for the first time away that is. This of course for the marriage-ugh i really need to work on the relationship but need to be away from mommy mode to do it but my little ones are so much more fun. Oh that reminds me my Big sis is signing her divorce papers today I need to call.

Polly said...

Enjoy, you certainly deserve it.

Laura Lohr : My Beautiful Life said...

What a bittersweet adventure! Your little one will be fine and your trip will be amazing.

*so jealous*

Hope it was wonderful!

lunarossa said...

Hope you had a great time and you were not too homesick! Waiting for the photos...Ciao. A.