Kicking and Screaming.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The last word that I would use to describe my personal style is the word "trendy." Sure I follow trends, and sometime accept them into my wardrobe, but generally I buy what I like and what looks good on me and if it happens to be "on trend" that is usually just an added bonus.

One trend I swore up and down that I would never ever, ever, ever (EVER) follow is the boyfriend jean. I know this style hit its peak this summer and pretty much every celebrity was seen wearing it. I could often be quoted as saying "why on earth would these girls want to wear something that just makes them look bigger, seriously am I missing something?" I thought it looked sloppy and less than fashionable. I kneel at the alter of the skinny jean, so for me this was a total style miss.

Fast forward 6 months and I take it ALL back. All of it. Every single word. Why? Because over the holiday season I bought my first pair of "boyfriend jeans" and just like with my first boyfriend, I am head over heels in love. Llllluuuuurrrrvvvveeee.

Why the switch? The truth is once I tried them on, I can't be paid to take them off. Ignoring the comfort factor, which is HUGE, these jeans are like magic. On a frame like mine they don't actually make me look bigger but rather they make me look smaller. It's like wearing a pair of sweats that miraculously sheds five pounds. Yes, I'll take 5.

I know that these are technically for Summer wear, but ever since my stomach has expanded 20 fold I have been rocking these babies all week and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I'm pretty sure that these will be able to double as maternity jeans for at least the first two and 1/2 trimesters. You've got to love that. So I apologize Mr. Boyfriend Jeans trend, I never should have doubted you. See that bandwagon? Yep, I just jumped right on it.

My love of this trend does not mean that I am now trendy. You hear that Spring Clogs? I will never, ever, ever, ever wear clogs. Ever. Crap, I think I may have said this before.

p.s I got the ones Reese is wearing. They are by Earnest Sewn. Love them!


Jodi said...

I like those! I bet they look good on you. I am picturing with a baby doll/maternity top. Your baby fever is contagious (and dh absolutely does not want another baby). I need to have a new years resolution to QUIT looking at blogs of people of have bunches of kids and pregnancies.

Anonymous said...

Hey, um, Yummy Mummy? You are already so teeny tiny that anything would look good on you! Even if you had to wear a tent I bet you could pull it off.

Yummy Mummy said...

Anon...I'm not so sure about that! These jeans forgive a lot of sins, I plan on wearing them when I am hauling around 30 pounds of baby weight too! They are definitely worth a try on!

Anonymous said...

Only 30 lbs? I just gained 50 with my second! Thankfully, though, it's 3 months later and I only have 15 lbs more to lose. Breastfeeding rocks! Sorry I signed in as anonymous....I need to sign up for an account.


ThatGirl39 said...

Hhmm love this look...especially the ones that Rachel Bilson is wearing with those shoes! (enough with the shoes woman... concentrate on the jeans!). I have often though about investing in a pair of Ernest Sewn jeans and you amy have just tipped the balance for me! Off to do some online jean investigations! xx