What A Girl Has To Do For A Yoga Class.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

It has pretty much been snowing here non-stop for about 4 days (4 days!) We all know that a little snow can't stop us from going outside, but it can make getting around much (much, much, much, much) more difficult. Today I tried (emphasis on tried) to make it to yoga but alas Mother Nature got the best of me. My husband was working which meant we were going to have to use our favored mode of transportation, the train. Our normal 20 minute commute to the gym turned into a 90 minute one leaving me with a choice, take the LM to the bookstore (which I promised we would do before class) or head directly to one of my favorite yoga classes. Leaving the house I was sure that we had plenty of time to to both.

This was before I practically ice skated my way to the T (which ended up getting stuck due to the ice.)

Pushing what looked like and empty stroller down the road.

My little man definitely enjoyed the ride despite the white out conditions.

One look at this little face and I knew that there was only one choice.

And we spent the next 2 hours watching the snow fall from inside Barnes and Noble. Hey, there's always next weekend!


Julie Q said...

Awww what a good Yummy Mummy! I shoveled my car out to get to my gym class.. but I would have totally ended up at B&N drinking some coffee and reading some picture books...

Aunty Em said...


Jodi said...

That sounds like hell. Dylan was screaming like a wounded wildabeast in the car this morning until it warmed up and it was in the twenties afte all no snow. We are spoiled! Your LM is so good no wonder you are trying for #2.

Polly said...

You are a braver woman than I!! I hate the cold, getting me out into it is frought with bribery!!