Why Vote For Martha Coakley?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here's are just a few reasons why not to vote for Scott Brown. Keith said it best.

Martha is a strong, qualified, and passionate woman. She has fought for, and will continue to fight for, the rights of EVERYONE in this state and for our Country at large. During these troubled times her leadership is exactly what we need and deserve.

Today is the day people. Vote, vote, vote!


Anonymous said...

While I love your blog and pray for you daily to have your next child, I find Keith Olbermann offensive. Both candidates have wonderful points, careers etc. But I have seen lots of trash talking about Ms. Coakley as well. You really should post both sides. Anyway, may the best candidate win.

Loved the pix below.

Sasha said...

I am so nervous for this election. It would be a disaster to elect that lunatic redneck. If that is "offensive," well then anonymous, I recommend you toughen up and join the real world.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that people on one side or the other can not argue the facts without the name calling and the accusing. I love politics when it involves educated people discussing the issues -- not when people use scare tactics and name calling to argue a point. I would assume that the readers of this blog are educated, successful women. However, some of the comments do not reflect that assumption.

Scott Brown is not a redneck or a lunatic. He is a successful politician who has an agenda -- as does Martha Coakley. Sasha has stooped to Martha's level with the name calling etc. I hope you feel good about yourself.

Sasha said...

Retch. Your sanctimony reeks.

I am not interested in any more of it. Instead I will say only:

Go Martha!

Anonymous said...

Of course, Sasha, you are not interested anymore. You have no legitimate points to make for your candidate so instead you continue to insult others. How very classy of you. That is what hurt Martha to begin with which is too bad.

You earn bonus points for your big words though.

April Elizabeth said...

i am really dissapointed in this entire election. I was so excited back in Sept when Martha threw her hat in.

I voted for her, think she will do a great job, and know she more than qualified.

I am also terribly dissapointed in her campaign strategy. There was way to much negativity. Even though I know that Brown threw the first fist full of mud two wrongs don't make a right.

Yummy Mummy said...

April... I couldn't agree more! Well said.

Anonymous said...

Martha has run a horrible campaign. She has refused to acknowledge the weaknesses in her campaign strategy and has thereby made it worse. Her ads have made her look horrible and made it seem as though she will only vote party lines, which is absurd. If she loses this election, this will go down as one of the biggest political gaffes in the Commonwealth's history. Martha is a smart and compassionate woman, but she has not come off that way in this election.

Yummy Mummy said...

Anon... also EXTREMELY well said. She is the best candidate with the worst advisors. I just hope she can pull it out.