I Can't Believe I Am Actually About to Write the Following.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

 I Can't Believe I Am Actually About to Write the Following.


Okay, so we are thinking about getting the LM Guinea Pigs for Christmas. Actually, Santa is currently mulling over this proposition. I kind of think we have to. The kid is OBSESSED with animals, and has been asking for years to get a cat. Then a dog. Then a cat. 

I cannot deal with a litter box ever again. I also cannot go out in sub-zero temperatures to pick up poop. 

Basically the poop is what will forever keep us from getting a cat or dog. The "real" reason will be that it's not fair given our small(ish) living quarters.

 Really, it's the poop.

Back to the Guinea Pigs.

 The LM has one in his class this year, and he is pretty much the kid who does nothing else but stare at the Guinea Pig all day. He loves her. He draws pictures of her. He asked me the other day "if he was really responsible for a long time (days in his mind) would we think about letting him have one?"I said we would talk to daddy about it. Daddy always says no to any pet, so I figured we were safe. Daddy, had a moment of weakness and said "maybe for Christmas."

To a kid that means yes. So, yes, we are getting Guinea Pigs. (plural)

 Now the LM is on his A game and has been on his A game every day since this conversation. I keep waiting for him to mess up so I can yank the Guinea Pig card, but the kid has started 1) asking to watch his brother, 2) clearing his dishes, 3) going down to bed with out any questions, 4) eating everything... by himself. Basically, he's been a dream. A dream, because he wants to show me he's responsible.

Yep, we are getting Guinea Pigs. (plural)

So, here is where I need your help. How gross are they? They will live in the LM's room, what kind of smells should I expect? Are they nice? Do they love companionship? Will I be playing with them while the kids are in school? Will they bite? What do they eat? In real terms, not "this is what they should eat." 
Most importantly, how much poop will I have to clean?

 From what I've read, if you have one, you should have two (hence the plural) and that they both should be female. This is it. This is why I need some advice!!!!

Also, if you've had them and it was the worst thing that ever happened to you... please feel free to share. PLEASE feel free to share.

This whole thing isn't a done deal yet, but I am finding it hard to have a firm line in the animal department when I am dealing with this.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure his world is about to be rocked Christmas morning.


P.S. He wants to name them Phineas and Ferb. #ijustcantsayno


Debra Green said...

ah you will love the little critters once you get used to them. I had one that my mum found in her garden, it used to squeak a lot, it lived in a hutch with my rabbit until it ran away or got eaten by a fox!
My daughter (19) got two mice for her birthday last year, she quickly bored of them but I loved them, one died (see the theme here) on sunday and I was with her at the end and to say I was devastated is true. The other one is still going strong but healthy but my DH has said 'no more mice' even though the grandson is besotted.
So get them, he will love them, clean them often and they won't smell, get ones that like being handled. And remember they die much more quickly than cats and dogs so be prepared for grief.

Sabrina said...

Don't do it, seriously. I had them when I was a kid and they drove my parents crazy. Their cages stunk to high heaven and they poop insane amounts. They have these tiny pellet-like poops (like rabbits) and since you line their cage with wood shavings you have to constantly clean out the poop filled bedding. This is not a job a child can really do, so you will have to do it yourself. Also, when your son wants to play with them out of the cage, remember that they will poop on your floor, on your kids, etc. What the other commenter said is true too...they die fairly quickly. I had one that died in less than one year. It was horrible for me. So basically, if you don't want a cat because of the litter box, you will hate guinea pigs for the same reason. Get your son a membership to a zoo instead, haha! He can look at cute animals from a safe distance and they don't have to come home with you!

Joan said...

I agree with Sabrina...they poop insane amounts!
LOL A litter box would be soooo much easier.