It May Be Time.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

 Ever since I chopped my hair off, right after the LM was born, I have vowed to never again take more than 2 inches off. EVER. Seriously, I planned on being buried with hair that went to my to my belt. Well, after seeing myself in pictures lately, I think it may be time for a snip snip. I think I may have made the turn from boho chic to hippie dippie about 5 inches ago and now I am fiending for hair cut... like tomorrow!

Tell me what you think. So, these incredibly awkward pictures were taken by the LM in a failed attempt at "how I wore it." I never post the outfits, because I can't seem to figure out how to pose for the camera, without looking totally geeky. Plus, we have very low light in our apartment, and taking nighttime pictures is pretty impossible. Poor quality pictures + awkward posing = not fit for blog viewership. Anyway, this time I am willing to make an exception if you tell me it's okay to cut my hair. If you promise to hold my hand while I do it, I'll even email you the outtakes. 

Please delete this image from your mind as soon as you look at the hair. 

See what I'm talking about? WAY too long. Right?

Don't you think something like this would be better?

Like way better?

So much more chic and sophisticated. 

I know you agree.

I'm not kidding about the tomorrow piece. I have an appointment on the books. 

Please help me. 

P.S. I wish I had better pictures from last night because that outfit may have been my favorite of all time. It didn't hurt that gray couldn't stop petting me ;)


Katy W. said...

I don't think your hair is too long now, it's very pretty. But I also think the cut that you're thinking about would look great too. Sometimes you just need a change.

Rob and Amber said...

I think your hair looks good now, but I do quite love Gwen's haircut too! You rock it no matter what... but I say DO IT!

LouBoo said...

Hi! I'm sure I recall reading the post you did about having shorter hair and you saying you'd never ever go back there! The thing is, I know exactly what you mean, it gets boring and you long for a change. Nothing like a great new cut and when you have long hair, it's always just trim, trim, trim.

I think your hair looks great long but I would say that, as I have spent the last few years getting mine long again. I have this acid test for if I get yearnings to cut. I think of Jennifer Aniston! So many women have mid length hair and it looks less stunning than long.

However, you do look like Gwyneth for sure, I think it's a pretty safe bet whatever you do! It will look fab.

You should know...I'm really enjoying the amount you're posting right now, you have a good eye for nice stuff! There have even been a handful of things I have gone out and bought as a direct result if reading your reviews and thoughts! Missed vocation as a buyer for high-end stores!? Lou xxx

Anonymous said...

You look so different in these pictures than usually. I wouldn't cut your hair much, just a little. I don'f find much difference between your lenght and Gwineth's.Both are nice as long as the hair is healthy. Dou you still ghet the occasional mean comment? Just being curious as I remember some years ago there were some nasty trolls lurking on your blog.