Hello Gorgeous.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yesterday was the much anticipated Christian Louboutin sale on Gilt. Despite some massive technical failures from their site, I was still able to walk away the proud new owner of the Bretelle Strappy Sandal at a pretty reasonable price. I think these babies are pretty timeless and overall were a great buy. Yay Gilt, you've done it again!


Julie Q said...

oooo I was so tempted to by the 'cheap' ones at $288. I saw yours and went 'WOW those are pretty'

Did you see the jcrew sale? I'm in love with some of there girly heels in the spring sale. might cave and buy those

Cali-Ally said...

Hello Gorgeous is right!!!!

KT said...

I bought a pair of the Divi ankle straps! Yippee!!!!!!
*Followed it up with a Vera Wang cami today!

that girl? said...

Hello Lover!! They are beautiful... and now I have the shoe wanna's! Talking of which - I have found out the address of Manolo Blahnik in London for when we go up the weekend after my 40th.... you just never know! x

Polly said...

Ooohhhh those are hot.

Anonymous said...

hi there,
I love your blog!! and I love the shoes you have bought on the guilt web site. Is that asking to much to get invited from you if I gave you my mai address???


alex, UK

Yummy Mummy said...

Alex, I would be happy to! Send your email address to my email diaryyummymummy@gmail.com or leave in the comments. This site rocks!