Seems Like a No Brainer To Me.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Seems like a no brainer to me." That's what my good friend said when she got the fertility appointment wrap up. I won't bore you with all the details, but the bottom line is that my hormones are still pretty messed up from the miscarriage and were likely messed up prior to, which is what the specialist said probably caused it in the first place. 

Her solution? 100 percent Clomid. A low dose. The lowest dost possible. She said that this drug was made for people like me, with this exact problem. She said I am not infertile, I just need a little help getting my body in perfect baby order. Her concern was that if I didn't take the Clomid, and got pregnant on one of these random 
cycles I would have a higher risk of miscarriage again

To this I responded pill please!

  1. Get pregnant within next three months (she said this is a very likely possibility.)
  2. Get to actually keep baby number three (she said the miscarriage rate will be lower and she is giving me progesterone to help keep the baby in place when it clings on.)
  1. Twins. As in TWO babies. The doc told me the true risk is 10 percent. As in one in ten. 
  2. For the five days you are on it you can become a bit of a moody mummy. 
Right? Seems like a no brainer to me. 

I'm having my pills delivered tomorrow and will begin on the next cycle. I still have this month to "try" and I am still hoping we can get it the natural way. If not, next month the journey begins. 90 percent chance of only one....that's what I keep telling myself. 


Cali-Ally said...

I'm so excited for you :) I seriously got tears in my eyes reading this post - yes definitely no brainer...and if you are part of that 10% (which let's be real, you probably won't be!!), you'll deal with it - YM, you have more than enough love, patience and strength to get you through baby or two...because in the next three months there WILL be a baby! EEK!


ps My gf got preggers in the first month of Clomid! YEY!

Julie Q said...

ooo I will totally babysit!! I hope your child[ren] like watching General Hospital :)

Chocolate will curb the moodiness, for sure ;)

KT said...

Clomid got me pregnant the first try also. Fingers crossed, but not legs!

Legally Brunette said...

yay...I feel like we're turning the page to a very exciting new chapter in your baby-making adventure!

Polly said...

Lots of luck for this month and then onwards for the Clomid.

Yummy Mummy said...

Julie Q I'm taking you up that!!! Thanks guys for all your support! No legs crossed for me ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna be a Debbie Downer here, but PLEASE do not have intercourse during an unmonitored Clomid cycle (perhaps your dr. already mentioned this? please tell me he/she did...) You do not know how you'll respond to Clomid and you could produce 3, 4 and omg, even 8 eggs - Yummy Octomom. You need to get an u/s after taking it to see how many follicles you're developing then decide whether or not to forge ahead, as it were. Otherwise, you could end up with high-order multiples and be wishing your life was as simple as the monstrous stroller in the next post.

Anonymous said...


I think your blogs are fantastic!

It sounds like we are in the same boat. We are trying for #2 (baby girl just turned one) and are having a difficult time. #1 was so easy...!

My lack of patience and obsessive personality made me buy the clearblue monitor but I haven't seen the egg yet....still waiting.

I went for tests with my OB last week but haven't heard back..which means everything is probably coming up normal. How long did you wait before you saw a fertility specialist? Any recommendations?

Yummy Mummy said...

I waited 6 months, but only because they made me. i had the miscarrage in September so they had a definite "date" so I couldn't go in earlier. For insurance it takes a year of trying before they will usually let you see a fertility doctor, after 6 months your doctor can refer you for an "endocrine" exam which means you can get in with a fert doctor but really only to get the clomid.

I too did not ovulate after I had the little man. I had to do a cycle of pure progesterone to jump start things. That may be the case for you. I think for some people the 1st baby really just messes things up. From what I have learned this is not that uncommon, If you do the progesterone "bump" I call it I would wait a month or two before "trying" just to make sure you are getting a good egg as I'm pretty sure this is what caused my miscarrage.

Clomid seems to be a miracle for those who ovulate late (me) or not at all. We will see how it works. I'm just waiting for my period to start. the clearblu monitor seems to be pretty accurate so hopefully it will start showing an egg soon.

I'm the last person to say hang in there and give it time, but at least your little on is still little and you have a few months to see if your body figures it out on it's own before you intervene.

Although we didn't "chose" to wait to have a second I must say that the miscarrage was a bit of a blessing in disguise. It has given me A LOT more time with the little man, and not being pregnant this past year has allowed me to do things with him (like be in Costa Rica right now) that I just couldn't have done had we been preggars or had a new baby at home.

Now that the little guys is almost two I am more than ready to get on with the show, hence the Clomid.

Good luck, If I think or hear of anything I'll let you know and as always I'll be talking non-stop about this here :)