What Do You Do All Day?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I often hear this question from certain friends and family members, and more often than no from complete strangers. Most of the time this is said as, "What do you do all day? Don't you get bored" Always with that tone, the tone every stay at home mom knows. That whole, "how in the world can you be so happy, you must be delusional, omg I would kill myself tone." Now that I think about it, these statements are almost always said by those without kids or those who's kids are long gone and full grown. 

The truth is yes, sometimes I get little bored, and when I do find myself looking at the clock more than usual, that is just a sign that I need to mix up my routine a bit. I never, NEVER see it as a sign that I need to go back to work (NEVER.) Because the truth of the matter is that I used to get bored there too. The only difference is that I work I could never do anything about it. 

Don't get me wrong, I am in NO WAY talking smack about anyone who has kids and works, doesn't have kids and works, doesn't have kids and doesn't work, etc...(did I cover everyone?) 

That being said I figure that this would be a good chance to give you a day in my life. This way the next time I hear this question I can just direct said busybody here.
  • Approx 8:00am  Little Man wakes me up to the sweet chorus of "mama, mama, mama, mama,MAMA, MAMA, MAMA, baba."
  • 8:15 am give LM his bottle, change extremely wet diaper/jammies combo/ dress LM for day.
  • 8:30 Make LM breakfast while we watch 15 mins of Curious George (his favorite at the moment.)
  • 9:00 Shower (um sometimes) and get dressed for the gym.
  • 9:30 Pack up LM in car seat/ load stroller and head out.
  • 9:45 Coffee run, "Grande Soy Latte please!"
  • 10:00 Drop LM off at kids club and race to Yoga class.
  • 11:15  Pick up smiling LM/ change diaper/ provide snack/ load up LM.
  • 11:30 - 12:45 pm Park/ play date/ stroll down Newbury/ or a combo of all of the above.
  • 12:45 Drive home/ lunch
  • 1:15- 4:15 Nap time. 
During this time I shower, eat lunch, clean up kitchen, make bed, straighten up house, do laundry, plan dinner (or prepare if it needs to cook for a long time, blog, surf Internet/ order diapers, etc., pay bills, make appointments, watch DVR, and occasionally (almost never) take a short nap (when in Rome I say.)
  • 4:15  LM gets up. 
  • 4:30 Snack.
  • 4:30-5:15 Park.
  • 5:15 Take tricycle to Whole Foods and pick up dinner makings.
  • 5:45 Make LM's dinner while he watches 25 mins of Curious George/ book reading.
  • 6:00  Feed LM.
  • 6:30  LM and The Husband (who has made it home during dinner) head back to park while I make dinner.
  • 7:00  Bath time supervised by The Husband.
  • 7:15  Jammies, teeth brushing, story time.
  • 7:30  Bed time for LM.
  • 7:45 Dinner for Yum and Husband.
  • 8:00- 9:15 TV with Hubby......and wine time for Yum.
  • 9:30 Bed time. 

Whew. That's my day in a nutshell. It's not for everyone, but it makes me feel very happy to know that I am able to repeat this on a daily basis (lucky too.)
Sure we have our ups and downs and when it rains the day goes much, much, much, much slower (did I say much?) but in the end I'd trade a little boredom any day for the fact that I get to spend all day, every day, in my gym clothes playing with my best friend (my blonde 18 month old BFF.)


Anonymous said...

Wow, "Yum" -- you have really out-done yourself with this entry. It's shallow, it's opportunistic, and it demonstrates that even though you may have a brain, you sure don't intend to use it! Good thing you pay for that overpriced gym membership and yoga classes - did I say you pay? I meant your overworked husband pays - because you must REALLY be stressed out from all of that not working, and need that time to relax. Have you ever thought about volunteering? Maybe thinking about something bigger than the two block radius from your couch to your daily soy latte?

Poor LM - he's almost a tragic figure, really, growing up under the sometimes-watchful eye of a materialistic Starbucks-slurping label-whore.

PS - the mere fact that you track your fertility updates on a public web diary is, in a word, distasteful.

Yummy Mummy said...

Guess I can't please everyone. Good thing it is my life and not yours.


Anonymous said...

Yikes! I'm almost afraid to post after that...

Anyway, I applaud your decision to stay home with LM. I too am staying home with my boys. One is 13 and the other is 6 and in Kindergarten. Be prepared for the pressure to go up a notch when people start wondering if/when you will return to the work force now that little man is in school. Frankly, I did think that I would return to work after both boys were in school. Naively I didn't factor in volunteering in the class, music lessons, sports, appointments, etc... If anything, we have found that having one parnet home now is just as, if not more, valuable than it was when they were younger.

I'm sending positive baby vibes your way!

Angie said...

I would love the life of a Yummy Mummy one day! It sounds pretty great :)

Sending you some baby dust, since I don't need it quite yet. Maybe you'll have a Hawaii baby?

lunarossa said...

Enjoy every single minute with LM. They grow up so fast and you will missi him soon. Don't be bothered about what other people think of you. Just be yourself and be happy. Ciao. A.

The Missus said...

Who is that low-life and clearly jealous FIRST ANONYMOUS comment-leaver???!!!??? What a moron!

I think your day is quite busy, and I am grateful when I get to meet up with you on Tuesdays.

And please... You have a little one to take care of. So yes, your day is very busy and not always dictated by you... Where as my day is only dictated by me. And I am a "writer" and housewife.

I love getting the "what do you do all day?" question too. I like to answer it with, "I take it easy each day. It's nice. I hope you get to try it some day too."

Lauren said...

So when did we go from it being the norm for women to stay home, to it being looked down upon?? And as for your husband being overworked?? My husband is in med school, and he wouldn't have it any other way. Doctors are a totally different breed...most of them love what they do and wouldn't be happy in any other situation.
I enjoy reading your blog, its a a small glimpse into my eventual future (once I get to stop supporting us and he is making "real money" ) ;)

Anonymous said...

If it were not obvious before, it is obvious after this post that you loathe your very self. From using initial caps on "The Husband" to your daily retreat to cliche-ville (soy latte (grande? venti? if you leave out these details, we don't get a full sense of your boring life!), Newbury Street, going for "strolls" rather than walks, etc.), your ego really pervades, dominates, and succeeds to every aspect of your boring, dull life.

What's that? Oh you don't care what I think or what I have to say about your life because you're an autonomous creature with a unique identity? I'm confused: is your life YOUR life and not mine? Awesome, thanks for the clarification.

The Normal World (note the initial caps!!!!)

Anonymous said...

And to "The Missus" ...
You don't even have a child and you're choosing to do absolute nothing at home all day: going to yoga (read: too lazy to do cardio), making vegan meals (read: getting fatter one soy breakfast patty at a time)- don't you feel, well, bad, that your husband is working all day while you, literally, do nothing? I'm so glad that generations of women have worked so hard to advance the place of women in the workplace so that today's late-twenty-somethings can "fit in" that 2 pm manicure. And OMG! Are those new designer shoes!!?!?! What an incredible impact you are making on the world. And by world I mean your "joint" checking account.

alliwilli said...

Wow. Anonamous. My mother always taught me that if I don't have anything nice to say, I shouldn't say anything at all. Was it really necessary to post anything at all?

Anonymous said...


Your mom was wrong.

The Missus said...

Oh Anonymous... If you had the balls, you would at least bother to make up a handle to comment under.

How sad of you to be jealous and scared of Yum and I.

And FYI: I don't feel bad that my husband works all day. You know why? Because he LOVES WHAT HE DOES.

Don't spout your feminism "hate" at me or Yum, Anonymous. We both had successful careers till the evolution of life handed us new challenges to deal with. (Yum had a baby. I got laid off and am moving to Canada.)

Dear (Nasty) Anonymous, please don't bother reading our blogs if all you time to do is be jealous of our writing efforts.

Jo said...

Hey Anon...just vaguely curious... why do you care? Why do you even read this? I assume you're a guy, not b/c of your defense for "the husband," but your lack of compassion on the subject of fertility. Hard to believe a woman would be such a cold hearted bitch. But of all the blogs in this world, why have you pitched your tent on this one?
I don't relate to some of the comments here, but I certainly don't feel the need to spit such venom. what gives?

Anonymous said...


So funny (ironic, really) that you would assume I am a man. Why, because I don't worship at the alter of $200 jeans? I care because as a woman, I care that people who call themselves "yummy" and "missus" and spew shallow self-involved rhetoric are setting all of the other women back almost half a century. Stay home, raise your children, that's fine - but don't pretend to have any meaning and substance in your life (especially worth writing a BLOG about) when all you care about are shoes.

Now, I have actually had the displeasure of seeing "Yum" in action in the courtroom, and it's not pretty. So maybe she's better off mailing it in career-wise.

I'm not a feminist. I'm actually fairly traditional in my views on gender roles. I just think that there's a difference between raising a child and living a life of shallow self-indulgent consumerism.

And regarding Yum's fertility countdown - she posts it on a public blog, visible to the world. Let's not act like its a sensitive issue.

Anonymous said...

One more thing - sorry, Missus, that I don't "make up a handle", or a cutesy little cartoon, instead of using "Anonymous". You're SO right that "Missus" and "Yummy" are much more real and authentic identities.

Maybe I would make up a handle -- if I had as much free time as you.

Just kidding, I wouldn't, handles are so lame!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to anonymous nasty's perspective. Clearly she too has the "free time" to "waste" on both reading and commenting on a blog she clearly finds distressing...perhaps she could find something more "meaningful" to do. I'm interested, too, in the suggestion that YM look into "volunteering" to add meaning to her life. Let's see, what should she do with her child while she is doing the volunteering? Seems to me that reading to, playing with, providing experiences for, and otherwise caring for her small child occupy enough of the day and provide more meaning in the grand scheme than this obviously childless idiot could imagine.

The Missus said...

Oh Anonymous... You are EXACTLY what I told Yummy Mummy you were:

"... Probably just some jealous former colleague of yours who wouldn't ever like you because she has chosen not to. She doesn't know you well and doesn't know your good heart. "

Wow... I was so right on.

And, Nasty Anonymous, we like you to use a handle because it makes it easier for us to address your nasty comments, rather than with just "Anonymous"... Because many people choose to post anonymously.

And, Nasty Anonymous, enjoying material things is not "setting all of the other women back almost half a century." In fact, Yummy Mummy and I both shop at SMALL BUSINESSES, eat at local restaurants and enjoy LOCAL attractions... Thus HELPING our local communities... Many of which are OWNED BY WOMEN.

So go blow your steam somewhere else. Clearly, the fact that you keep coming back to Yum's blog and being nasty shows what an incredible bi-atch you are, and how jealous you are.

Sorry you don't care enough about yourself to make time for yourself. I used to be one of those "oh woes me... I have no spare time for myself..." Then I got a life, got a clue and figured out how to have a working life and a personal life.

And Yum? She's a MOTHER. Her little boy (who is totally gorgeous by the way - just like his Mum) keeps her insanely busy when he is awake. The fact that she has the time to be a mum, take care of her health AND be emotionally comfortable with the whole fertility thing shows what a STRONG person she is.

Again, please don't bother reading the blog if you have nothing to contribute but venomous words.


Legally Brunette said...

Yum, your day sounds exhausting.

I wonder what Anonymous would say to ME if I confessed I'm afraid of staying home with my future kids because I love my job, and find child care and housework to be more exhausting than billing 10 to 12 hours a day while reading mind numbing contracts, case law, and statutes.

Would that choice be okay for Anon because I would be earning my own money rather than relying on someone else for financial support (on which Anon seems to place a great but unexplained value), regardless of the fact that a large portion of said money would be needed to pay for my child to be cared for by someone else? And since we’re talking about how we spend money, it’s okay for me to spend my money to pay for child care (so I can continue to work and support the feminist movement, in Anon’s eyes), but not okay for Yum and the Missus to contribute to other economic sectors, whether coffee, shoes, real estate, or fitness?

As for Anon's argument that stay- at-home mothers (would fathers be included in this, or is this a one-way-sexist-street?) diminish themselves and also set back the movement for equality in the workplace...it's such a tired and clichéd argument. At least some of those women who broke those barriers did so not to ensure every women should HAVE to work, but so that they could CHOOSE to work. I adore Yum, her blog, and her friendship, but I don't think she and her homemaker sisters are going to inspire millions of women to flee the workplace or inspire millions of men to devalue women.

And, Anon, if you think a working woman like myself is going to be judged or allow herself to be judged in the workplace by how people like you perceive Yum, the Missus, and stay-at-home women, well, you haven't met me or many of my brethren. I’m not devalued in the workplace or given fewer opportunities because other women choose not to work. I earn the respect I command because of my work, not because the feminist movement gave it to me.

If you find Yum’s fertility updates to be distasteful, why do you bother reading this blog? And more importantly, why do you bother taking your precious time (which I can only imagine is otherwise dedicated to volunteering and/or working for a minimal salary, because money seems to be so repulsive to you). If you actually cared about the issues you spoke of (proper child rearing and feminism in general), why do you respond with such acrimony – do you think that is actually effective? Your vitriol is uninformed, by the way, since you clearly have no idea about Yum’s past public service (and her plans to do so in the future, which we have discussed).

But all of this brings me to the point others have made, which is I that I don’t think you really care about these issues and your trite arguments. It’s about anger and perhaps insecurity and jealousy. I’m sorry things haven’t turned out for you the way you would like them but blogging your hate here certainly isn’t going to change it.

Anonymous said...

Missus: I'm confused - you have a "working life"? I thought when people ask you what you do, you say you like to "take it easy". Please dear lord don't tell me you fancy yourself a "freelance writer." That's such a cliche.

Ok, I have to get back to work. So, to the extent that you fancy yourself the "victor", I applaud you. Great win. Maybe you can spend the rest of the afternoon writing on your blog about it.

Anonymous said...

Would I rather continue to read an e-argument between you boring old hags or die right now in a grease fire? It's a tough call.

Missus and Mom (oh sorry, are you British? "Mum") - at least you will have something to brighten your day today (a steamy convo about this string of comments on your blog over a steamy venti chai at 'bucks! Gooooo small business!).

Legally Brunette said...

Love that Anon has admitted she is someone who actually knows Yum, to some extent. I think it makes the hate all the more pathetic. Bye, Anon!

Jo said...

Anon, I stand corrected. You ARE a cold-hearted bitch. I think you're also slightly psycho.

I don't worship the couture alter...I'm probably the least fashionable reader on here. I don't what venti is b/c I don't drink coffee. I'm not a stay at home mom. But I like the blog...wouldn't be here if i didn't find it interesting.
You are super bitter about things that don't affect your life. But hey, at least you're bumping up this blog's comment count big time!

Jo said...

And another thing, even someone as fashion-challenged can see that consumerism makes the world go 'round. or the economy...or what's left of it at this point. But i digress. YOU may not care about shoes, I don't care about shoes, but a helluva lot of other people do. Some of these shoes are crazy expensive, like obscene amounts in my eyes. But guess, people BUY them. Wake up and smell the latte, dude! (HA, not bad for a tea/beer/vino drinker!)

ps, lighten up already!Shesh.

Jo said...

apologies, all, typos abound in that last post, but wk beckons.

valeria said...

Hi! I found your blog via Living Abroad by Antonella and I so enjoyed reading your latest posts! I will keep on "digging" in the past entries because they are really an awesome reading!
Your day routine is pretty hectic at the moment! It reminded me of myself about 1 year and a half ago...!
Kindergarten in september WILL change it dramatically, you will have a LOT of spare time!
Your little LM is so cute and I really laughed out loud reading about him being dressed up in a mix of pyjamas!
I, too, hope to get pregnant soon... so, finger crossed!

Anonymous said...

As someone who worked with Yum side-by-side, I am sure that I was probably present whenever anon watched her lawyering skills. Which means I'm probably familiar with anon's lawyering skills.

So anon, show off your strong, proud, working woman self, don't be a coward and ID yourself so others can comment on your skills. I'm sure you wouldn't dare. And considering you are either a prosecutor or defense attorney, I think there are some people who would appreciate you directing your attention to them as opposed to Yum's blog.

Anonymous said...

Current time: 12.27 p.m.

Current activity, based on foregoing chart: Stroll down Newbury Street and/or play date and/or (ready for this one???) a COMBO OF ALL OF THE ABOVE!! (Sometimes this time of day is called "combo time" for this reason. E.g. "I stopped over at Jo's during combo time so I could wash my kid's Maclaren stroller. It got some mud on it while we were strolling.)

Current level of self-loathing in Mum's psyche: Maximum.

Frogger said...

Wow. I'm compelled to post a comment - which I usually don't do - for many reasons.

I read my friend's blogs with compassion and often courtesy, because in the crazy busy world that we all live in, it's often the only way to keep tabs on what's happening with everyone else.

Let's take Yum, for example. The last time I saw her was over brunch in January. I, too, am a busy woman. Doesn't matter if I have a job or not, what matters is what I do with my day and that is precisely what Yum's point is. Who cares if she goes to Starbuck's, spends money at Whole Foods and pays for yoga? As far as I can tell, she's contributing to someone's salary - one soy latte at a time. Good for you, Yum. In fact, have one on me!

But I must say this: how dare anyone make a statement about the LM. You want to go after Yum, feel free. She can handle herself, and if she needs backup, she knows where to find it. ;) But don't dare bring a child into the fight, with whom you know nothing about or even have any association with. LM is far from 'tragic' - he's blessed with two doting parents who treasure him and are fortunate enough to give him the world, which is exactly the kind of future any child should have.

I have to say to Anon, you are perfectly within your rights to post your views. And since Yum published them, that gave you the floor to voice your opinions - I hold no grudge on that, and honestly, I commend you for holding your own. But I offer one piece of advice: be aware of what you write and to whom. Making generalizations about the lives women and how they choose to spend their money is personal.

My friends (a few of them on this blog) will tell you I'm a proud supporter of women's rights and the feminist movement. I applaud these women who, like me, have worked hard, moved away from their families, learned to live alone, and make a salary worthy of supporting themselves. These are facts that I'm quite sure you did not know of any of the women you've chosen to comment on. If they want to spend $200 on jeans, so be it.

Lastly, I need to make a personal statement, because I feel so strongly about this: I have a master's degree in journalism, a graduate certificate in poli sci and economics, and a bachelor's degree in finance and do you know what I do with my day, Anon? I write. Don't insult The Missus with her career choice - I've made a living of it and I am quite certain I've been on your coffee table, in your TV or on your computer bringing you news and features over the past 10 years that you likely talked about around the water cooler the next day. It's not a 'wasteful' profession, nor is cliche in any way. In fact, I worked hard for my career and my job and I can say with complete confidence that without writers like me and mommy's like Yum, this world would lack the character it requires of a strong and passionate woman.

Kristi said...

Wow Yum - you seemed to have caused quite a stir. I LOVED your post - love reading them all, actually and I'll go out on a limb here and state the obvious - Nasty Anonymous has to be 100% jealous of you!

I think your day sounds hard and fabulous at the same time. I have two kids and I work full time at this point - I would love someday to reduce that to at least part time as I really do love what I do.

But I digress. In so many ways (all good, not nasty), I'm jealous of your days - I think they sound fun! But I'm happy for you that you are at a point in your life where you are doing what you want with your little man everyday. I think the world would be a much better place if more people were like you - doing what they want and love.

Just my $.02 - I'm glad I found you in the blog world and I look forward to your writing.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

LOVE THAT my comment that fully supported that anonymous postings have been deleted. Yummers can't hear the fact that she is a poser and does not even close have the goods to back her shit up?

Anonymous said...

or better yet, was my previous comment deleted because yummers doesn't wanted pointed out to her loyal fans the fact that she constantly bitches about her impossible job of being home with her son...so impossible that she needs a nanny several times a week to help her out with one little boy who sleeps half the day?

Legally Brunette said...

Ugh, this is ridiculous.

Anon 1:13, do you actually read the blog through anything other than your green-with-envy lenses?

Yum has never expresed any such thing, on her blog or in real life. Never complained, never termed it impossible or anything similar, and has never expressed anything other than complete contentment and happiness with staying at home with her son.

That someone uses a babysitter (and Yum has never been so pretentious as to call her sitter a nanny) does not impute any of the things you described.

Yummy Mummy said...

First off, the comment was deleted because you (who obviously know me and hate me) used the name and the city I live in while writing your comment. My name is not on this blog and I try not to mention where I live in an attempt to evade any safety concerns.

Second. I really don't care what you think of me. I really don't. We don't work together any more and are not friends. You have an opinion of me. An opinion that my husband, son, friends, and family do not share. There is nothing I can do to change it and I refuse to waste anytime trying to.

Third, I do have a sitter who come 2 days a week for 2.5 hours. One time is in the morning so I can run errands and have some time to myself and the second is while he is sleeping. It seems as though you don't have kids because if you did you would understand that you can't spend your life with an 18 month old glued to your hip.

And yes I discuss my fertility status. Losing a baby last summer was hard. Not getting pregnant every month for the last 6 months is much much worse. There are people out there who can relate to what I am talking about and I appreciate their support.

Finally, I really hope you take a look at yourself. Why have you spent the last two days trying your hardest to hurt the feelings of someone you obviously know. How is that "making a difference in the world." Keep on laughing at me, I don't care. I'm sorry you think my life is a joke. I happen to like almost every minute of it. I hope one day you can feel the same.

Yummy Mummy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yummy Mummy said...

and before you light me up on my spelling and grammar mistakes. I was in a hurry to post that giving that I didn't to give you the satisfaction of thinking that I took it down because you were right.

Aunty Em said...

Wow. Considering this nasty person is a former collegue, I wonder how the DA's office of boston would feel about one of the lawyers spending billable hours reading and commenting on blogs. Your contribution to the world is seriously impressive. I really hope that if something ever happens to me you wouldn't be appointed to my case.

One really has to wonder what makes you so jealous? Maybe its because you didn't receive a prestigious award for your work (like Yum did). Or are you single and bitter? Infertile? Fat? Poor pumpkin anon, you are a sad sad girl.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAH - I don't work at the DA's office! The only people who work there are those who graduated at the bottom of their class in law school and couldn't get a real job. Which makes sense, in that it pretty much aligns with Yummy's work ethic. Maybe if she were a public defender, I could see doing it out of the goodness of her heart. But, my guess is that she straight up couldn't hack it in law school, didn't have the opportunity to work at a firm, and the only option available to her come graduation time was a 9-5 government job. Which is great for those of us who may view that as a way to accrue invaluable litigation experience early on to advance your career later. Clearly not what the Yumster had in mind.

OMG LM is napping!! Hallelujah!Time to watch TV and read US Weekly and maybe even talk to Missus about Michelle Obama's outfits omggggg lol omgg

Anonymous said...

I love that I keep getting deleted...fantastic. Correction on your newest post...WAY more than just one person hate your guts. It needs to be stated for you and your confused followers people hate you because you are a pretentious poser not out of jealousy.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading this blog for quite some time and am at once repelled and strangely drawn to it.

My first thought (when the blog was tossed around among my mom friends and we all laughed at how someone could be so shallow and pathetic) was to be catty and mean. I thought that this woman is really unattractive, so it is kind of funny that she called herself "yummy." I thought that I felt sorry for her husband and was pretty clear on the fact that he was cheating on her with someone with boobs.

But now?

I actually feel really, really sorry for her. First, secondary infertility is painful and hard and I would not wish it on anyone. But it is more than that. A person who feels the need to fill up their lives with such vain and trivial pursuits obviously does not think much of themselves. Her overweaning need to talk about labels and how "yum" she is is just plain sad. And FYI, your "schtick" is so tired and done. As someone who is a published author, let me assure you that your writing is abysmal at best and the likelihood of you getting a deal on your trite drivel? Low, low, low. Which only makes me feel more sorry for you.

In fact, the only place I relate to you is as a mother because I do believe you are a good mother. You seem to love your child. But I would implore you to stop embarrassing yourself. Take it from one Boston-based mommy to another: you are getting mocked. They are not laughing with you, they are laughing at you.

aunty em said...

Ugh, your ugliness is making my brain hurt. I really haven't had to process such petty, bitter, jealous nastiness since......... 9th grade? It feels so like high school, especially since you don't even have the guts to identify yourself. Rather like the school bully who spends their days spreading dirty rumors to make themselves feel better about the fact that they are obviously not up to par.

I do think it is lovely how many people have taken the time to defend Yum. Anon, do you have any friends who would do the same for you????

Legally Brunette said...

Anon 2:20 - You have now devolved from mean to just sad.

Anon 2:22, the fact that you think you can judge someone whom you don't know is extraordinarily self-centered. If you don't like how YM presents herself on her blog, that's fine, don't read it. We probably wouldn't like you either.

You're talking to my friend, LM's mother, a daughter, a sister, and a wife. She is loved and loves others. You wouldn't treat someone like this to his or her face. You're showing a horrible side of yourselves that your friends and loved ones would be ashamed of. So go away. You're not wanted here.

Dorothy (Toto's Yummy Mum) said...

Oh my gosh, good point Aunty Em! I should identify myself just like you. Otherwise I'm just hiding.

Anonymous said...

I think anonymous 2:22 perfectly summed up everything that all normal people think.

Yummy Mummy said...


I refuse to give everyone out there a forum for which they can anonymously shit on me. You want to leave your real name and say it to my face fine, your comment will be published. You want to email me to tell me how disgusting you find me or taunt me by saying my husband is having an affair then go for it.

I refuse to put up with what this has turned into. Therefore, from now on I will publish the comments as I see fit.

Thanks for stopping by!


aunty em said...

I am LM's aunt, dipshit.

I find it incredibly sad that you feel the need to attack Yum in such a manner. To make comments about her child and suggesting that her husband is cheating on her is sick. I think that people who come on blogs and attack people are gutless, they use the anonymity to say things that they wouldn't have the balls to say to someone's face. it also allows them to hide from the friends and family what a truly ugly, nasty person they are.

why waste all this time being foul when you could be using it to do something beneficial. You contradict yourself.

sandy said...

it's very sad that these anonymous commenters have nothing better to do with their day than spew hateful drivel. get a life!

Anonymous said...

THEN DONT POST A PUBLIC BLOG... Yum you cant have it both ways. You can't put yourself, your values, your life in a public forum and then censor comments you don't agree with.

Yummy Mummy said...

There is a difference on comments I don't agree with and comments that are made to be intentionally hurtful.

It's not censorship. Use your name or some way to identify yourself and I will happy publish your comment.

You are not going to be given the right to say things here that you would not say to my face.

Yummy Mummy said...

There is a difference on comments I don't agree with and comments that are made to be intentionally hurtful.

It's not censorship. Use your name or some way to identify yourself and I will happy publish your comment.

You are not going to be given the right to say things here that you would not say to my face.

Dorothy (Toto's Yum Mum) said...

I am interested to see if "Yum" will allow any posts now that don't directly support her views. I guess I figured censorship was only a few comments away. But let's take a look at "Yum"'s supporters. We have: Aunty Em, who is the blood relative of "Yum" - read, an older, more self-righetous "Yum" - let's call her Yummy Cougar --gross, and we have The Missus, who OF COURSE supports "Yum"'s life because it validates her own. (I use the term "life" very loosely). I.e., we are a group of young married women in Boston who love talking about how incredibly selfish and materialistic we are - yay!

Post this, Yum. I dare you.

aunty em said...

Actually, it looks like she can......

BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

Anonymous, give it up.

Your self-loathing and jealousy isn't surprising. It must be easier to deal with your own failures if you can convince yourself that everyone else is as miserable as you are. I wonder what has made you that way.

Let's see...a failed marriage, perhaps? Cheating on your husband? Getting up there in age with no baby? Or maybe even an unsuccessful stint in your career. I bet you couldn't hack it in private practice.

Anonymous said...

As a parent myself, I would never expose my child to the public in this manner. Privacy is something that shouldn't be taken for granted. Facebook, MySpace, Public Blogs its an open invitation for the last 50 posts. My only suggestion is take back what privacy you have left and move on.
-Jennifer Garner

Yummy Mummy said...

Thank you JG, I was just speaking with my husband about that very thing.

Nicole said...

A friend of mine introduced me to your blog I actally find your blog very amusing and cute. Honestly, all these negative comments just mean they are jealous. I am 26 and if i ever have a kid and husband, and I didnt have to work and could hang out with my "lm" all the time i would. They are just jealous FOOLS!!!!!!! get a life anyways for being so negative against someone you dont even know.

Boston Bride said...

I have neglected my blog for the past month- but will occasionally check in to see what others are up to or have to say... THIS situation is ridiculous.

I just wanted to pass along my support to you and your blog. Your stories about LM always make me laugh, and for someone who is still fairly new to Boston I appreciate the reviews and city commentary.

As for the "anon" who has decided to pass along their opinion on YOUR life... its just pathetic. If they don't like the blog- no one is forcing them to read it.

That is the beauty of blogs.. there are blogs about anything and everything... so why don't you (anon) go find one dedicated to bitter, unhappy, stalkerish, power hungry lawyers... that way you can bitch all you want without raining on someone else's parade.

That is all... don't worry YM, I haven't disappeared- just been super busy!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely, pathetic. These ridiculous "Anonymous" bloggers who leave sad, mean comments.

Do you honestly have nothing better to do all day? Because clearly as you have outlined to all of us you are very important working women. Ones who couldn't possibly be bothered with such trivial things such as blogging and shoe shopping. So it's inconceivable to me that you would have so much time on your hands to leave nasty comments on a nice woman's blog.

I think being a mother is one of the most important jobs a person can have and I do apologize if you don't understand the benefits of this if "anon's" mother wasn't at home to take care of him or her when they were of such a young age. Perhaps if you're mother had stayed at home you would have better manners than to leave such comments on someone's blog.

Yes I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion but when does an opinion turn to straight bashing. Sometimes it is so PATHETIC to see late 20s and early 30s women acting so much like high school cliques. Jealousy, bitterness and rage are things of our teen years.

Grow up "anon" and have some class. That is something you are definitely lacking unlike Frogger, The Missus, or Yum who from what I have seen and read on their delightful blogs all have.

Who are you to judge what people do with their days? I hope that I should be as privileged as Yum when I am married and have children of my own I will have days just like Yum. Until then I will take my unemployed status and successful boyfriend and enjoy my life one day at a time, "taking it easy" as the Missus would say.

Stacie Jean

Anonymous said...

Elevate Yourselves Ladys-Rise Above
We are in a resession..The global economy is collapsing and before you know it we will all be living in tent city. What's really important? One Love

Chitown Gal said...

Well I enjoy reading you & the Missus' blogs! I figured I would de-lurk and let you know that your blog is delightful. I came across it because I was looking for blogs to read to remind me of MA since I've moved away. (Sorry for not de-lurking on your blog yet Missus!) You are clearly a wonderful mother and it's shameful that somebody would post on the INTERNET that your husband is cheating on you. It also speaks volumes that somebody would say that their first thought when seeing your blog was that you are unattractive. Are we in high school??? Not only are you NOT unatractive, but it's shallow that a grown woman who is apparently a mother is judging you solely on that basis. What would she think if somebody made a snap-judgement on her child based upon his or her's looks.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you here in Chicago that your able to conceive your second bundle of joy soon. I think you're very brave for posting about such a delicate and personal topic.

Sasha said...

After coming to my senses a bit, I am feeling kind of guilty for what I posted earlier.

It is very easy in a public forum to get carried away with what you post and I kind of forgot that you are a real person with real feelings.

Your blog is frustrating, I am not going to lie. For all the reasons I said. It comes across as shallow, vain and just totally trite. That said, you have a right to live your life however you want. And you are brave to put yourself out there. I applaud the effort even if I find the execution sadly lacking.

I do suspect that in real life you are not as shallow as you come across here. At least I hope you aren't. Maybe this is a persona? An online identity? I hope that is the case. But I also hope that this will be a bit of a wake up call to you as to how you come across.

I am sure that you do not mean to, but you alienate people and clearly TRY to make them jealous. And then you wonder why so many people react badly. Don't feel too bad about all this. I am sure you are a much better person than this blog showcases.

Sasha said...

And let me also be clear about something: I am NOT the person who said all those mean and horrible things about your career or husband or child.

That is just plain cruel and unnecessary.

Seriously said...

Sasha- who are YOU to judge anyone?? The negativity in all these comments is beyond ridiculous. Just because someone else started the nasty comments, does not mean you can continue them. As YM said, ENOUGH!

Anonymous said...

a little late in the game, but wanted to add 2 cents. i went to law school with yum - we were in the same small section. at first i didnt think we would get along - we just seemed too different. truthfully we never became super close. what i saw though from spending three years with her, is that she is an incredibly smart, driven woman with a great heart. she doesnt pretend to be anything she's not. she's fiercely loyal to her friends. she worked her a** off in school and became a prosecutor because that was the only thing she wanted to do (i remember when she started her criminal law clinic and she said she had found the area of the law that she was passionate about.)
i enjoy reading yum's blog - her life is still so different from my own, but who cares? she's happy. she's a good person who deserves that. if you dont like it, then stop reading her blog.

Sasha said...

Yes, which is why I was apologizing and explaining myself. I feel bad.

But it is out there for public consumption and presumably at some point, Yum will want to make a new friend or get a job or something and the fact that so many people are thinking this about her will precede her. Do I think it is worth being so mean? Of course not. She is just trying to live her life. I am not sure why Anon felt the need to be so mean.

On the other hand, it is pretty valuable reality check. You may love Yum. I am sure a few people do. But I am also sure--especially in Boston, a pretty old school, hide your money type of city--Yum's blog would not help her cause. I am trying to be helpful.

But I will just shut up now because clearly this has gone too far and is getting ridiculous. There is no call for being so mean and hateful.

Julie Q said...

YM you rock! And its days like this when you realize you have some hard core awesome friends and supporters! honestly i couldn't get past anonymous' comment 10 or 11, but thats because i'm slightly buzzed on a business trip and anonymous was kinda a buzz kill. lol lol

let's do brunch next week!

Julie said...

I feel the urge to comment, despite the fact that I am probably not adding anything to this discussion.

So, Yum seems to have the life she wants. She lives well and happily. She's raising her family. She can live luxuriously, with fancy clothes and expensive gym memberships: why not? yes, she uses her husband's money. so what? she is healthy and happy and that's what matters. She does seem a bit superficial on this blog. Well, why? because she writes about clothing and shoes and material goods. she never talks about anything that's going in the world or expresses any particularly deep or intruiging thoughts. true. i get that.

but it's not to say that she doesn't have them.

her profile description reads very clearly: this is a blog about being a 'yummy mummy'- you got it, expensive gym memebership, days home with her adorable son, lattes, and all. that's what this blog is about and people who are interested in that kind of life style read about it. why not? it's readable and engaging. it's fun reading. it doesn't make me want to tear my hair out pondering the meaning of life. it's nice to read about a happy boston mom who is raising a family and enjoying her time living in this world. we aren't here for long. what is yum to do but enjoy the life she is living? but make lasting bonds with people she cares about? seriously? maybe she could think outside her routine and choose to devote some time to a worthy cause. I agree. but perhaps she has and simply doesn't post about it, because this blog is about, as her profile states, being a typical yummy mummy. we can't assume she's 1 dimensional just because that's whats portrayed here.

she is happy and were all here to do the best we can. she spread positivity to her fellow bloggers and friends and shows them support. She should be commended for this.

Meaghan said...

I'm not one to normally comment on blogs, unless I feel particulary moved. Yum...I think your schedule with lm sounds lovely and I can only hope to be so lucky as to have a similar day once my husband and I have kids in the next year or so.

Anon clearly has some issues she needs to work through and is trying to drag down everyone around her in the meanwhile. I would also have to say that some two of my smartest friends at college wanted to be prosecutors years before they stepped into law school. It had been a dream for both of them. I find anon's comments completely ridiculous since they could have had their choice of jobs, but they chose their dream of working for their respective ad's.

Yum- you sound like a wonderful mom. Keep up the good work!

V said...

I can not beleive what some one would write. but your day sounds a little bit like myn. expect no wine. =] love reading your blog makes me feel like im not alone.

Yummy Mummy said...

Juile. You literally took the words out of my mouth. Thank you to those of you who get it. And thank you to all of you for your emails, comments, and phone calls.

I'm not quite sure what I am going to do with the blog at this point but I want today for my son to again have his happy mommy so I am taking the day off. I wouldn't have wished yesterday on my worst enemy but I guess it's a good reminder of what kind of people there are out there, some who would shake your hand and smile to your face.

I will update you over the weekend on what my plan is. I hope you all have a great weekend and again thank you thank you thank you for your kind words.



Nicholle said...

I have been a loyal reader of yours and The Missus blogs for a couple of months. As a SAHM of 3 kids, I love to hear about your LM. You provide an enjoyable outlook on a variety of subjects. Keep it up!

that girl? said...

YM.. Im sure this has all moved on now (have been busy with a certain persons 4th birthday and so have been absent from blogging!) but all I can say is Bloody Hell... where the hell did all this come from? I've read all the comments and can't believe how nasty some people can be! If you don't like it Anon, don't read it... then trundle off and get a life! Sure... stop by once and have your say but seriously.. to enter into a bitch fest such as this? SAD PUPPY!
YM... it all comes back to those bloody labels again! Whatever people think, we are all entitled to be who we are without having to justify it. Carry on exactly as you are. I love you and so do loads of others! Now I'm off to read your next posts and rejoice in the fact that you have major blog traffic! xx

kikiie said...

I normally don't comment on blogs that much but really feel the need to on this one!
First of all "anon" if you feel so strongly about this particular blog and the person writing it then have the guts to put your name out there. NOT putting a name to your comments is gutless and most of all lacks credibility, in fact it comes across as quite puerile.
And no I am not some great adoring fan of yummy, just an occasional reader who doesn't always agree with what she says. But hey, if it offended me as much as it does anon DON'T F**KING READ IT. This is a free world go and read some erudite blog to make yourself feel better.
And FYI I am married to a OBGYN and most doctors are very driven people who tend to be workaholics and not overworked because their wives want more designer clothes etc LOL, they are overworked because of the nature of their job!
PS I have stayed home and my girls are now 17 and 19 and I believe they are such wonderful people because I was there for them 24/7, plus I volunteered when they were at school. I am grateful I was able to do this and yes I miss working but when I look at my girls I am glad.

Lucys Place said...

I totally understand your daily routine as it's similar to ours! I cannot believe this 'anon' person who posted the first comment.

All I can say is that she must be one unhappy, sadsack gal.I think it is she who needs to get a life.

Keep on being yummy, Yummy Mummy!