Oh Dear God.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

This is the stroller made for twins and a toddler. Yes, that seat in the front would be for my little man. I don't think I could ever be seen in public again! 

Seriously, this thing is a monster, could you just imagine me rolling down to the T with this and three babies in tow?

Oh Dear God!


Anonymous said...

I didn't have twins but I did have three children under 3 1/2 and I found a double buggy and a sling was the best option. Even better, slings to match each outfit are a whole new reason to shop!

April Elizabeth said...

i babysat triplets all through highschool and they just had a triple stroller. it was long.. but i think longer is better htan wider, that looks like it wouldnt fit down an isle in a super market. also, the toddle seat doenst look safe.


Cali-Ally said...

Dude! Don't do it!!! Double stroller and a sling/bjorn, whatev... by the time the littlest (one twin would be smaller than the other) one is ready to go into the stroller without carseat, LM will not want to ride in the stroller anymore - maybe a tricycle...

However, this will not be necessary as there will be only one baby - pos thoughts, right?!

xo CaliAlly

Yummy Mummy said...

Lots of positive thoughts....I'm just a work case kind of girl. I need to be prepared!

Oh the joys of motherhood!


joanna said...

You're getting a bit ahead of yourself, no? I have many friends who have used Clomid...no twins.

Yummy Mummy said...

I'm still betting on one...I just saw this thing and died!

Polly said...

I say go the Phil and Teds and buy yourself an assortment of slings as already suggested.

Do you think your Toddler would happily sit in that seat?

Knowing mine he would climb out and jump on the babies!!

Anonymous said...

I actually saw this stroller in the mall the other day...it wasn't nearly as bad as you would think in-person. The toddler looked like she was having a BLAST up front! It looked like a normal side-by-side double jogging stroller, with a seat attached in the front!