This Is How We Do It.

Monday, April 27, 2009

When the weather pushes 90 degrees and you live in the city you are pretty limited on how to stay cool. Luckily for my little city mouse I was prepared. 

20 Minutes of blowing up a pool by mouth, 4 buckets of water hauled across the street and we were almost ready. 

Here is the little man saying "Let's go mom!"

Ahhhhh relief at last, although at first he was a little shy about getting in.

Once he saw that those infamous cars weren't afraid he was ready to go.

A few kisses to the froggie.

And off he went. 2 hours later he was still in this same spot.

Now if only they made a Mommy sized version we would have really been in business.


lunarossa said...

Beautiful pictures of LM! So glad the weather is warm now and you can have some real fun together! I bet you can fit in there as well. Come on, jump in! Ciao. A.

Jodi said...

You need to buy a pump! I blew up our giraffe baby pool with it this weekend. It didn't entertain our twins as much as your LM you can see if you like!

Polly said...

What fun, I love when its warm enough for pool play!