Hair Love.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ever since I saw this picture via twitter from my extremely fashionable friend The Missus I have been obsessed with this side braid. In fact, I have already worn this hot new hair trend twice this week. I love how messy it is, and what a perfect hairdo it is for a busy mom. Hey, I barely have time to wash my hair as it is and now I have a reason not to! A little dry shampoo, a minute in front of the mirror AND a stylish new look....what is not to love?

picture from here.


The Missus said...


I ALMOST put a side braid in today TOO!!!

I start another 30-day challenge next week. I may rock the side braid the entire 30-days.

Yummy Mummy said...

It seriously is SO HOT. Great find my friend. Now I have a reason to grow 12 more inches of hair!!!

Can't get enough of it!


Julie Q said...

Not only am I going to rock the side braid once my hair grows longer, but i'm also going for the chiseled cheek bones this chick is sporting as well! ;)

Britt said...

Thanks so much ym. I tried it today. did not look like the girl in the pic but anyways

Jodi said...

you turned me on to that dry shampoo-I call it "gross girls shampoo" ha ha ha. I love it. I have not however gone as far as this woman I work with who said she didn't wash her hair for FOUR days. I can't even think about a braid that long as I am regrowing my hair after cutting it all off during post pregnancy insanity. That should be a rule no cutting hair for at least a year after baby.

Yummy Mummy said...

Jodi...I was going to write about that next week. Why is it that we all cut off our hair. I did it too! Must be the lack of sleep!!

4 days? Well, that is just plain dirty!