Tuesday, September 8, 2009

That didn't happen! That didn't happen. That didn't happen. Oh, please tell me that didn't happen.

This is the thought that kept running through my head the last 45 minutes of my power yoga class yesterday. Even today I am praying that it didn't happen. 

But it did. Yesterday, I got my first "sports" injury. Crap.

So there I was. I was in a new class, with an instructor that I have had a few times. I was about to go into Crow pose when the instructor told the class, "it is easier if you enter this pose from a block." Now, I have no problem entering crow. I have been practicing yoga for about 7 or 8 years now and the arm balances are my strong suit. Crow and Side Crow are actually my two favorite poses. Make that were my two favorite poses. 

Well, I had never entered this pose from a  block before, and being the idiot that I am I thought this would be a good idea. Wrong! Immediately my left shoulder gave out and then began to ache when I tried to re-enter the pose. Ache so bad I had to go into Child's Pose just to catch my breath. For the rest of class it continued to hurt and I was so freaked out that I had really injured myself that I couldn't even concentrate. I was pretty much a hot mess. A few hours later my worst fear was confirmed when I had shooting pain in my shoulder any time I would rotate my arm inward, doing things like putting on a jacket, picking up the LM, etc.. I'm not going to lie, I started to freak out a little bit. 

I don't work out. I practice yoga. This is what I do. I need it. Not just for my body but for my mind. I NEED it. I absolutely cannot have an injury that sidelines my practice. That can't happen. Clomid + No Yoga = Psycho Mummy. It CAN'T happen. I tried to explain this to the husband who was less than sympathetic. Take some Ibuprofen he said. Gee thanks. He then said, "you probably screwed your rotator cuff, it's going to hurt for a few months." Again, thanks. (As an aside having a Doctor in the family is completely worthless because they REFUSE to give advice.) I took the Ibuprofen, it felt better and then again this morning it hurt like hell. I'm scared of going back to class because I don't want to do more damage, but on the other hand I NEED YOGA.

Other than the power of prayer do any of you have any advice? Have you ever had an injury on a body part that is central to your practice? Any advice for shoulder/ sports injuries in general? Any advice would be greatly sanity thanks you immensely. 

"That didn't happen....that didn't happen....that didn't happen." Ugh, it's still not working. 

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Julie Q said...

Oooo no!!!!!! I wish you a very speedy recovery!

The Missus said...

Oh gosh! This is why I NEVER use props in yoga practice. It usually just leads to disaster or "cheating" your body somehow.

In my experience, getting back in the yoga room and taking it easy helps the recovery. Things heal more quickly when you use yoga to heal.

I say go back to yoga. Continue taking the Ibuprofen, and just take it easy with your practice.

Anonymous said...

I hurt my rotator cuff in a bootcamp class and was also really upset at the thought of missing my power yoga classes. I talked to my favorite instructor and she had me use these: and modify/refrain from doing any poses that hurt. The gripitz let your shoulders rotate in a way that somehow takes the pressure out of the area that was hurting (at least for me). I stayed away from crow for about a month, but was able to continue my practice for the most part without too much pain. Downward dog was out of the question for me without the grips, and with them I was able to go through a full Vinyasa flow without hurting myself more. My doctor recommends the RICE treatment for any sports injury, rest, ice, compression, elevation...hard to do with a shoulder injury, but the ice part will help the most!

Yummy Mummy said...

Thanks anon, that is great advice!!


Anonymous said...

I am a runner and have hurt my legs and been out of comission for months. It is awful. No advice, just commiseration. I really hope you are not injured and merely have a light strain. Time will tell. Best of luck.

notSupermum said...

Rotator cuff? Side Crow? Block? I have no idea about any of those, but I get that it hurt. A lot. Hope you recover very soon. x

Polly said...

Oh crap, I totally understand how you are feeling.
I say keep going to yoga and do what you can do.
Otherwise, maybe Pilates for a month or two?