I Guess I Have a Type.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yesterday I was stopped in my tracks by this picture of Tory Burch. I love everything about it. I find her beauty to be so effortless and I am completely obsessed with her personal style.

When I showed this picture to my sister she commented that she looks just like every other girl (woman) that I seem to have an inkling towards developing  a style "crush" on. 

"Yeah? I replied. What can I say? I guess I just have a type."

Others in this "type" include my fashion guru Meredith Melling Burke.

The forever gorgeous Kate Moss.

And of course Sienna Miller (although I despise her husband stealing ways.)

Blonde longish hair? Yep. Petite frame? Yep. Boho chic fashion style? Yep. Beautiful wide smile? You guessed it. Hey, at least I get high marks for consistency. 

Looks like men aren't the only ones who have a type!


That Girl39 said...

You look a lot like Tory Burch... they say we are attracted to our mirror image to a certain degree so it's no wonder! I say rock on Boho Blonde! xx

Polly said...

definitely good taste!

Yummy Mummy said...

That girl...you are OFFICIALLY my BEST FRIEND! haha.... Really, though I've heard that too. I suppose its better to want to look like someone you have a chance too, Right? Ha, maybe on my very very very best day ever!


L-ho said...

I love this my dear :) (your new follower Larisa)