Martha, Martha, Martha.

Friday, September 25, 2009

This is not another post about my favorite Martha (although I could talk about her all day long.) No, this post is about the fabulous Martha Stewart. As in, who knew she was so fabulous? 

Well, apparently Tory Burch did and she has spotlighted some stunning modeling pictures of Martha taken in the 1960's on her website. 

What I find amazing, is 1) how beautiful Martha was/is, and 2) how timeless the clothes are that she was wearing. It just goes to show that good fashion sense never goes out of style. This is also the perfect example as to why you should invest in quality pieces that can indeed last for decades. 


Legally Brunette said...

Beautiful pictures. Martha was so glam!

Julie Q said...

Agreed! Gor-jas pix. I LOVED the tv movie about martha with cybil sheppard. It was a treat.

The Missus said...

Martha was glam! Loved working for her! She actually has a great sense of humor! She's not quite the bitch everyone says she is.

Pippa said...

I love Martha her too! She is such a classic looking lady, she could be put in any time and be considered beautiful!