Is That Hair Gel?

Monday, September 28, 2009

We all remember that scene in Something About Mary when Mary inadvertently ended up with something (ahem) other than hair gel in her hair. Well, today we had our own version of that. 

I had left the little man eating his breakfast while I ran downstairs to get dressed for the day and when I came back something about him was different. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that his usually stick straight hair was unusually spiky. "Is that hair gel?" I thought to myself. Daddy had left before he had woken up and I definitely didn't put it in, so how did it get there?

Upon further inspection I realized that it was not hair gel, nor was it a bodily fluid, but after a smell and touch test I realized that it was in fact pancake syrup. Yeah, now I was wishing it was anything else. Anything

15 minutes of scrubbing later and we were able to get his hair back to somewhat of a normal state. The lesson learned? Do not leave your kid with anything sticky. EVER



Jodi said...

I have banished maple syrup from our house. I despise that smell...That is pretty good that it is the first time he smeared it in his hair at 2 yrs...My kid's like to lay down in parking spaces and do wet noodle tantrums when we have an audience it is actually kind of funny -if I can get passed the embarassement factor (I imagine NOT funny on clomid though).

That Girl39 said...

Why do they always manage to get the worse stuff in their hair? SC came out of school last week with a pink quiff! She says that she leant down over someone elses (of course) upturned paint brush! It looked a little too precise for my liking! x

Polly said...

Ollie ended up with pink nailpolish in his hair last year, took a little while to fade!!!

Hope the syrup was not too painful to remove for LM.