My Sister's Wedding: The Venue

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I'm scared to even write this for fear that I will jinx myself, but I think my sister's wedding is completely planned. As in done and done. I leave on Saturday and return about 18 hours before the big event, so obviously this was the idea, but I have to admit there were times that I thought we may not meet our early deadline.

But hot damn... we did it.

The last piece of the puzzle was my seeing the place where the actual wedding/ reception would take place. There was the most nerve racking part for me, because up until now it had just been an idea in my head. The bride and groom are incredibly lucky (you're about to see why) in that the groom's boss has an estate that he quickly offered for the big event when he heard the good news of the engagement. The home is made for entertaining and the couple that lives there basically said we could have the run of the 12 acre (!!!) grounds. My sister said that the home and the land were spectacular, but really I had no idea how spectacular until I toured the property last Sunday.

As I drove up the curved, landscaped drive I had to actually pick my jaw up off the floor and once I was parked I don't think I uttered another word except "beautiful." The pictures I took don't even begin to do the grounds justice, but I had to snap a few because I swear no one would believe me if I tried to describe it myself. After all the concern over linens, and cake, I left thinking, "it's cool, we've got this" because really all we have to do is NOT take away from what is already there. That I can easily do.

Here is a little tour of the property. The fact that I get to spend an afternoon here dancing and celebrating makes me one VERY happy maid of honor.

This is about a 1/10 of the house, but where most of the action will take place. That little enclave is where we will have the bar.

Yep, that will work. 

Peeking out here is the marble dance floor. The screened in structure opens up and is where the reggae band will be housed. Just look for me there!

This lawn is where we will set up most of the tables for the rolling menu.

... and this is the view. 

The fire pit that will be used for the s'mores bar.

And in case anyone wants a late night dip, the infinity pool and jacuzzi complete with grotto down below. (For the record I will kill anyone who tries to go in the pool... the LM I'm looking at you! ;))

As if the above wasn't enough there is a private beach in case people need a little breather from all the fun. Just take a right past the acre of gardens...

Stunning right? I don't really think it could get any better than this and considering how stress-free all this planning has been, I can't think of a better place to kick off our shoes and dance the night away. I still have to finish my toast (which is not a small task) but all and all we are done, and the three of us couldn't be an happier with how it's all turning out!

Next up I'll be posting about the invitations, but after that it's just going to be pictures from the big day!!!! I can't believe we did it!

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Eunice said...

What a lovely venue! The view, the architecture of the building, everything is super quaint! Maine? Rhode Island?