A Bicycle Built For Two.

Monday, May 4, 2009

On day three of our Central American journey the little man and I were finally able to beg/borrow/steal a baby seat for our bicycles. I can only compare our sudden ability to be mobile to that of a 16 year old finally getting the keys to their parent's minivan. 
Yeah, that good. 

Once the little guy was firmly in place we posed for a quick picture.

Then we were off. 

We rode down to the beach. When we got there the LM refused to exit the seat.

We arrived at our final destination, a deserted shoreline.....all on a bicycle built for two.


Jo said...

One word: JEALOUS!! :)

Comfort Studio said...

Looks like fun! Tully loves her seat, too, we take her to school everyday on the "bici." Anyway, see you Thursday!

Anonymous said...

awesome pics! that last one looks so professional and artsy! love it!

Anonymous said...

I loved the last picture!

stacey said...

I know this is so off the track but you look really good after having a baby. I mean in that photo your body is banging!!! I have given birth about 4 mths ago and while I have lost the weight my body is not the same shape. Can you please advis eme what you do to keep in shape. Again I apologise this is so off your comments but since your on holidays and you have aaaaallllllll this time on your hands.......



lunarossa said...

I totally agree with the previous comment. Fantastic photos. The sepia color maks the difference. Glad you're all having a great time. Ciao. A.

Polly said...

Fantastic - what a fun way to get around.

Yummy Mummy said...

Stacey....Oh believe me it is a work in progress. They say it takes about 9 months to get close to your pre-baby body, I would say it is more like 18. However, given all the new found time to go to the gym (my little man loves the kids club there) I am finally in MUCH better shape than before I had the little guy.

Anyway workout. Up until the little man was 6 months I didn't do any strict routine. In fact I didn't go to the gym at all because I didn't like the daycare at my old gym. I would walk. Walk a lot. Starting from when LM was 3 weeks old we would walk 3 miles around the pond near our old house every morning. We then would usually go downtown and either stroll the mall if it was cold, or walk the charles with some of my mommy friends. Once I found Equinox and their amazing child care I got my butt in great (no pun intended.) I started doing these "boot camp" like classes about 4-5 days a week. I was soooooo weak in the beginning I could hardly make it through a class. Eventually it got easier and about 5 months later I was strong and down to my pre baby weight.

About that time is when I got pregnant with baby number two and then lost baby number two so I took about three months off. I didn't want to go back to such a "hard core" workout routine because we wanted to get pregnant again so I started doing yoga. I go about 4-5 times a week and now soley do that. When I started doing this, this is when i REALLY noticed the change in my body. My core, arms, ass, legs just completely transformed. I plan on doing this throughout the next pregnancy (something I wasn't able to do during the first). I also like yoga because I feel like I am a better mommy when I come out of class. That one hour break where I get to completely focus on myself really gives me the patience to get through some of the little guys more trying moments.

Ok, so I wrote a book. Long story long, I think the key is to do a lot of cardio at first to lose those extra lbs and then do a lot of strength work to really shape. Breast feeding helped a lot and when I stopped at 7 months I noticed that I lost those few extra pounds I was holding on to. Now that I am chasing around an active toddler and carrying his 25lb tush everywhere I am thrilled I put in the work, if only so I can keep up!

Good Luck!

Yummy Mummy said...

Oh now I feel like quite the photographer! It really was just a lucky shot and I have finally begun playing around with the features on the Macbook. Glad to know that it works!


Jodi said...

I had no idea yoga worked your core like that I really need to give it another try problem is the classes at my gym are really crowded.

Yummy Mummy said...

Oh yea, really shapes your ass too! Make sure if you don´t "feel it" the next day you talk to your instructor. A few minor tweeks can make it really burn. I can hardly lift my arms or laugh the next day which is why I go every other. That feeling is what I look for, just so you know its working!

My classes are pretty crowded too. I get there a few early, but even if you don´t have a spot where you can´t see the mirror it is ok. I actually prefer it, it keeps you from being to judgmental of yourself.


Julie Q said...

oh man these pix look like the ones that come already in teh picture frame! so classic :)

glad you all are having a wonderful time :)

Stacey said...

Thank you so much for your tips. I am more motivated and patient to get the results that I want. Enjoy the rest of your trip !!!