It's About Time; The Making of a Baby Book.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today it begins. I am finally getting around to putting together some baby books for the little man. I know, he is almost 2, it's about time, right?

When he was born I did the whole "baby milestone book" thing. And ever since I have collected and saved every picture taken, and every "drawing" made. I have had the books since before the little guy was born, complete with rolls and rolls of double stick tape. I have been more than ready to make these for over a year. 

So why haven't I put the damn things together? Yeah, no excuses. 

Well today it begins. I'm hoping by the end of next month I will have every picture affixed, every date written, every event notated. 

So now my trip down memory lane begins, I'll be happily showing off the final product once I am done.  At the rate I'm going let's just hope that is before baby number two arrives.... 


Jo said...

an ambitious/daunting undertaking. but he'll appreciate 30 years!

Grams said...

On the eve of Nick's wedding, I gave him a beautiful book of memorabilia and milestones. It made us both cry. It was definitely worth all the work. LM's future wife will thank you some day.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back YM.

I took all kinds of videos when the girls were little. I have an especially funny one where they are playing hide and seek with the neighbours' kids and they hid in his garbage can. Now you have to know this neighbour - he is anal to the "t" and his garbage cans were (and are) spotless. Needless to say, when I took the video of Heather in the garbage can, I made some funny comments about how anal he was and what kind of f'n mother would let their kid hide in a garbage can. Anyways, the girls are much older now and have watched their movies and they can hear ALL my comments as I was recording. Just a cautionary note for you - if you use a video camera, remember he/they will watch it years later!! Words of wisdom. I have never lived it down.

Cdn. Mom