We Made It!

Friday, May 1, 2009

After 2 very LONG days of traveling we finally made it. We left our house at 12pm on Wednesday and arrived at our new home away from home last night (thursday) around 6pm EST. The little man was a saint and did not pull any of his previous antics (apparently he saves those only for when mom is alone) but I was again reminded of just how stressful it is to travel with the little ones. (more on this later.) 

I am also reminded just how your perception of an event can change after one good nights sleep. We went to bed at 8 (LM passed out by 6) and awoke this morning around 5am which means somehow we were already on Costa Rica time. On the agenda was the Beach, Pool, Beach, Pool, Breakfast, Pool, Nap....you get the idea. 

Here are some pictures of our journey thus far. 

Here is the little man sleeping. It only happened for one hour during the 12 hours of airline travel so I thought I would get some proof that he did actually sleep.

Here he is wide awake offering to "share" his car with the Camera.

Yes, I'm smiling. Again a rare sighting during the flight. 

Best part of the trip? A much needed rum runner in Miami. 

The little man getting in some Curious George time in the first hotel. Traveling with a DVD player is absolutely priceless (more on this later.)

Here we are on our way to breakfast. The little man was again offering to share his car. This time with the Koi in the pond.

5 1/2 hours into our drive from the airport to our final destination the little man had a much needed ice cream break.

Followed by the usual ice cream hangover. 

Finally we made it! Here we are this morning getting ready for the Beach. 

The trip has just begun and already we are having a great time. The days here are very very very (did I say very?) long so expect me to be posting more than usual.

Thanks again to everyone for your well wishes!


Julie said...

First of all Yum, re: the hardships of flight, thou shalt youtube "Everything is amazing and nobody is happy" I think you would get a kick out of it, NEXT up, you are glowing and looking busty....hmmmmm ;)

Cali-Ally said...

Looks like it is starting out to be a fantastic vacay!

Loving the photo of LM and his ice cream cone - you are a good Mum (I'd probably be hovering over the Litte Miss freaking about the mess she's making!!)

ps What are your sunglasses that you're wearing?? They are gorgeous!

Happy Holiday
xo CaliAlly

Yummy Mummy said...

Julie- Sadly I think it's just the dress. But know that means I'll wear it a lot more! :)

Ally- They are prescription from SEE Eyewear. They make "designer" looking glasses without the hefty price tag. I just got them and am pretty psyched, no more contacts for me! Oh, and trust me if you had a boy you would see....ice cream is the least of our messes!

Off to go check out you tube!


Yummy Mummy said...

OK, that was SO FUNNY. I cannot stop laughing. I will never again complain about flying!

Laura S. said...

Hi! I'm 28, also live in Boston and love your blog! I'm wondering where you got your regular (non sun) glasses, I've been looking for tortise shell, square-ish frames :)
Thanks, Laura

Yummy Mummy said...

I got them at SEE Eyewear down on newbury, it's cool because if you buy one pair you get one free. I got two pairs with lenses for less than 400 bucks! My sunglasses are from there too (prescription) and I love them!

Good luck and thanks for the sweet comment :)


Polly said...

So glad that you have arrived safely. However I think I am now put off air travel with Ollie for at least another 5 years....I agree with everyone too your glasses are fantastic, no wonder you are so pleased with them.