Living Room: Before & After.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yay! I am so EXCITED to finally be able to share the before & after pictures of our living room/ kitchen. We are so happy with the way it turned out, and I love coming home to such an open and peaceful space. Everything we chose is virtually child resistant, so it should stay looking this way (fingers crossed) for the years to come. It's amazing how a few tweaks can really make a house look like a home!



Special thanks go out to Auntie Tia and my besties J, and M for all their style advice!  I cannot thank you enough for reading all those pre-purchase frantic emails!!!

Now.... on to the nursery!!!!!


mrs.anketell said...

Love it!! I love the sectional/sofa---may i ask where it is from?? We are looking for one right now and this piece looks perfect:)

Suzan Glaum said...

Love everything that you've done and specifically the new bar stools and the accent wall that you created. The large artworks are awesome! Are these images that you took and if so would you happen to know a good place for ordering large scale prints?

Chicago Cuisine Critique said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see how the nursery turns out!

Anonymous said...

Yes...Where are the large scale prints from? They look amazing. Everything looks great.

The Missus said...

Looks gorgeous. And I LOVE the large photo of Liam. Hilarious!

Yummy Mummy said...

Thank you all for your kind comments!!! This was two years in the making and I am sooooooo happy to be done.

The sofa is Restoration Hardware circa 2008 but is almost exactly like this one With the kiddo we went with the micro suade and have never regretted it!

The surf pictures we got from a CA artist at They are actually printed on metal, canvas, and we have a wood one (to be shown soon) in our bedroom. The large Liam one I blew up at shutterfly. I emailed the photographer to see if he will give up the name of his lab, if he sends it to me I will post asap. They were great, inexpensive, and shipped the large prints to the east coast, each is 4x 6 feet.

Patty said...

If I have to see a grown woman use the word "bestie" one more time, I am going to puke. What are you, a YM reading Gossip Girl?

Anonymous said...

That picture of your son underwater is truly terrifying. He's a cute boy in real life but in that picture he looks like a bug-eyed, horror movie monster. You couldn't have chosen a better, more flattering picture to enlarge and hang in your home?

Just giving you constructive decorating advice.

Anonymous said...

I love the surf pictures and use the name "bestie" all the time. Although if my name were Patty I would want to vomit, it reminds me of a smelly foul old women. The underwater picture is amazing and gives the entry a a funky vibe! Love IT!