Outsmarted By a Tree.

Friday, January 14, 2011

I had a plan. A good plan. A plan that I now learned totally sucked. In short, I have been outsmarted by a tree.

See, for the past few years I have been sure about one thing when it came to decorating the nursery; behind the crib there is going to be a tree. Yes, a tree. I have seen pictures like the ones below and my heart has jumped out of my chest. Considering that I don't have an artistic bone in my body I knew that this was going to present some sort of challenge, but I thought that I could figure out some way to avoid actually drawing the tree myself.

 Enter the plan.

It seems like every room that I have been looking at has some sort of wall decal on it. While I love the decal itself, I don't love the "look" of a decal. So, I thought I could put on the decal, paint the wall around it, and then voila, peel off the decal and have a true painted mural.

Genius, right?


I called a friend this morning, who is an expert on these kind of things, and he basically told me that my plan just wasn't going to work. More than likely the decal will ruin the paint underneath and or/ peel the new paint around it. He said my best bet was the old projector on the wall bit, detailed here, and I have to tell you that this is not what I wanted to hear. While I am disappointed, I am not deterred, and will still attempt my tree dream. This morning I found the "perfect tree," and then a friend who is willing to loan me a projector, and while she doesn't know it yet, when my Mother-in-Law comes to visit in March we are going to take on this little project. 

It's going to either be awesome or a total disaster... the end result is yet to be determined. Until then, here are some shots of people who were able to get it right. I'm just hoping that soon I can be counted as one of them. 




Have any of you attempted this type of project at home? Do you have any advice for this artistically challenged Mum? I'll soon be positing the results here... thank God it's only paint, Right?


Cuddles and Chaos said...

My neighbor used the protector route to make some OSU stuff in a room. It took a lot of work but it looks good.

I love the tree with the trundle day bed. Have you looked on etsy for the vinyl decals because some may not necessarily look so bad and if you get tired of it you can change it a lot easier than painting over it.


Anonymous said...

I'm also going for the tree behind the crib, but my artist sister in law is helping me out!

Have you considered hiring a local artist? If it's a simple design then it should be cost effective.

I love the last picture of the gray wall with the white tree.


KelliJ said...

I have a tree in my daughter's bedroom and I went the decal route. I actually got it at Target. No problem taking the paint off the wall, but I painted the wall months before I put the decals on. I've used decals before from Pottery Barn Kids (which has a beautiful cherry tree) and didn't have a problem with paint coming off. Good luck!

carinissima said...

Hello YM...how do you feel about wallpaper??? Before you throw your hands up and say "hell-to-the no" check out this link...it may give you some ideas: http://www.themarionhousebook.com/?p=4735

Best of luck! :)

Jo said...

I envy your creativity and I think the tree concept is really cool.

Frankly, I wouldn't worry about long-term wall damage...the kids will take care of that for you, either accidentally or purposely!

Mira said...

I've done the projector-paint-thingy before and it's easy-peasy! (And I AM NOT an artist lol!) Anyway, my tips are:

* Select a design that doesn't have a perfectly neat silhouette - more room for imperfections :D
*Select your colours appropriately (Im guessing one colour will be White) - two light colours will hide imperfections better but if one of your colours is bold then the final work will be FANTASTIC, but must be precise
* use an artist's paintbrush and do your outline first (obviously), plus any fine areas that need filling
*paint the rest of the wall last. You may need to use several different sized brushes.
*Do your repeat coats of paint following the same procedure

And finally, and MOST IMPORTANTLY:
be patient; work slowly; and enjoy every moment whilst creating this masterpiece for your precious little miracle angel.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm not an artist at all, but I painted one in my daughters room a few months ago. I basically just had my favorite etsy decal up on my laptop and copied it freehand. I used white paint for the trunk, green for the leaves, and made one pale pink bird. It really wasnt bad...just get some thin brushes..

Anonymous said...

While painting a mural is beautiful, the benefit of using decals is you can easily change the room in a few years for a new look... which is what won me over in the end.

I used this tree and it really looks great:


Yummy Mummy said...

Thank you all for your AMAZING suggestions! I am still torn between a decal and hiring someone to paint the tree (the cost seems about the same) but you also have given me hope that I can take this on!

I'm just thrilled that I no longer have to stare a white wall dreaming of a nursery!!!


Julie Q said...

I love the tree idea. i'm still undecided if we're going to put it up in our nursery, because I've worked with smaller decals before and those were a pain in the ass to hang up.