App Happy.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The day before we left for our trip my beloved blackberry sadly took it's last breath and went to that phone heaven in the sky. I had been thinking about getting an iphone for awhile and the sudden death of my phone seemed like a pretty clear message that now was the time. Traveling across the country without a phone? Not an option. So I broke down and went to apple and got the new iphone. 9 words.


To say that I am impressed with it would be the understatement of the year. When I got it I swore up and down that I would not be one of those people who clutter their phones with a bunch of useless applications. Yeah, well I lied because I have just spent the last 2 hours downloading and deleting app after app.

There are just too many and I am convinced I need them all. I honestly just can't waste anymore energy on that search button so now I am turning to you, my very cool and technologically savvy readers. What apps can you not live without?

I currently have the following:

  • Facebook (because I'm obsessed.)
  • Twitter (ditto)
  • Gilt (I may be their biggest fan)
  • (love, love, love)
  • Pandora (free streaming music, amazing!)
  • WhoWhatWear (again, love, love, love)
  • Celeb Gossip (one stop shopping as far as I'm concerned)
  • Fandango (even though I haven't been to a real movie in months!)
  • BlackWhite camera (it looked cool)
  • Bubble Wrap (addicting)
  • Ovulation Calendar (yes, obsessed with that too)
  • What to Expect When You Are Expecting (hopeful thinking)
  • Urban Spoon
  • Open Table

I'd say that's it, but it seems like a lot! What else is out there? What app can you not live without?

Oh, and if you haven't heard from me all week it's because I am incapable of typing on this keyboard. As in INCAPABLE. Please tell me it gets easier?


The Mommy said...

It gets easier to type, for sure. Hope you've figured out that if you flip sideways you get a longer keyboard...much easier to work with ;-) .

1. Whole Foods (for sweet recipes)
2. Photobucket (or Flickr or whatever you use)
3. iPeriod (basically the same as fertility app I would guess)
4. Yahoo Messenger (so I can freely "text" my friends in the US)

I'm off to find some of the ones on your list! Just got my iPhone a month ago - have not been able to put it down.

Polly said...

Ive been avoiding going there, thankfully I still have time on my contract which is helping my will power out substantially!

Tales from the Fairy Dust said...

-The Weather Channel for it's up to the minute weather needs. (It tops the iPhone weather app.)

-Kindle for iPhone from Amazon. It will synch and keep you up to date and you can read on the go or waiting in line.

-Lose it! to stay up to the minute on calorie intake and portion control.

emrlds said...

typing DOES get easier. as far as apps go, my obsessive ones are:
shazam (hear a song and NEED to know what it is? just me?)
hello vino
and the gmail app because i need my gmail to look like gmail. needy, i know. =)

Kara said...

Yay for the iPhone! I always get so excited when I hear about others who are as obsessed with theirs as I am with mine; makes me feel like I'm not alone!

Typing will get easier, you'll be a pro in no time.

As far as Apps, I reccommend the following:

Shazam - Can identify the song that's playing, the artist, and a link to buy the song iTunes. I've used this countless times.

Tipulator - Makes splitting the check and figuring out the tip a breeze.

Wurdle - A word game that becomes quickly addictive.

Polarize - Makes your pics look like old-school polaroids!

Epicurious - Search yummy recipes.

TV Guide Mobile - Pretty self-explanatory; comes in handy!

Happy App Store Surfing!