Monday, November 9, 2009

I never get sick. I hate getting sick. Getting sick in general sucks. Getting sick and taking care of a child sucks even more. Ugh. I started off this morning with a head cold and now I am quickly on my way to flu zone (please refrain from any reference to the swine.) Did I say Ugh?

In about 30 minutes I will hopefully be rescued by my husband and my sitter has agreed to pull the morning shift so I'm feeling pretty lucky. That means I have the next 16 hours to be sick.
After that I'm all done.

Do you hear me Swine Flu? Don't even bother.


April Elizabeth said...

im sorry you are sick, but id like to point out: that pig is freakin' adorable.

feel better.

Kriss said...

I'm sorry your sick too. Did your hubby comment, "See if you had of been barefoot in the park like LM, you wouldn't be sick." Sorry I just had to make a little joke. :) -kriss

Alex said...

Swap you please. Husband has just left the country and the 2 year old has started power chucking. EEEEEEEK!

Polly said...

Get better soon xx

That Girl39 said...

Get well soon YM... hope you get some rest. Tis the germ season xx

Jodi said...

That is so great your dh will leave work so you can be sick! I would probably have to have blood coming out my ears to get my dh home.

lunarossa said...

Hope you'll get better soon. My best advice is plenty of fluids and a warm electric blanket. Ciao. A.

Yummy Mummy said...

thank you all for your well wishes. 16 hours later and I still feel like I got hit by a mac truck. Alex, you have it much, much worse. Sending a big bottle of wine your way!

Jodi, it was a half hour early...he gets a bronze star only! :)

Next time I'm going barefoot too! Everyone else is healthy!