Recipe of The Week: Yummy Spicy Soft Tofu Soup.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You may have noticed a trend here at Yummy Mummy.
  1. I love to cook.
  2. Most of my recipes are meat free.
The second isn't necessarily of my choosing. When I met my husband he had a pretty strict meat policy. Chicken and turkey? Yes. Beef, and Pork. Absolutely not. Fish and seafood? Twice a week. These were boundaries that I could cook within. Well over the years things changed.

First it was out with the turkey, than with the chicken, and now we pretty much have a vegetarian diet with some sort of ocean protein thrown in a maximum of 2 times a week. While this may be a very healthy way to eat, it can also be pretty boring. I am constantly searching for recipes that have enough calories, protein, and are entirely meat free. What doesn't really help my cause is that every since I was pregnant with the little man I can't stomach firm tofu. I got sick on it at about 10 weeks and haven't touched it since. Soft tofu doesn't seem to have the same effect on me and recently I have found the yummiest soup that is completely meat free and very, very delish! It is pretty easy to make and is just as good the second night. Now if I could just find something this good for the other 5 nights of the week!

Spicy Soft Tofu Soup

12 oz of soft tofu
3/4 cup of red onion, chopped
1 large jalapeno, chopped
3 tbsp of lime juice
3 tbsp of soy sauce
6 cloves of garlic, chopped
1 tsp of lemon pepper
5 cups of vegetable stock
1 tbsp of ginger root, shredded
4 tomatoes, chopped
1 pack of rice noodles
3 tbsp of sesame sauce
2 handfuls of watercress

Saute the jalapeno, onion, garlic, ginger root and tomatoes in the sesame oil for 4 minutes. Add the lime juice and soy sauce. Simmer another 5 minutes before adding lemon pepper, lime juice and vegetable stock. Simmer for 20 minutes. Add the soft tofu and simmer 3-5 minutes. Add the rice noodles just before serving. Garnish with the watercress.

Yummy meat free deliciousness!


Kriss said...

I have never tried Tofu because I can't stomach the thought of the texture. Also, just a quick question. Has your fertility doctor mentioned staying away from soy products while taking fertility treatments? When I was doing fertility treatments my doctor told me to stay away from soy milk...basically soy anything because of the plant based estrogens it could mess with my estrogen levels. Which if you start injectibles then that is going to increase your estrogen levels too. They should call you with labs saying what your estrogen level is, or at least my doctor did. Anyway, were you on a strict no meat diet when you got preg. with your son? Just food for though. :) -kriss

notSupermum said...

I'm sorry, but I'd rather chew my own arm off than eat another piece of tofu.