The Next Jonathan Adler?

Friday, November 13, 2009

I've inadvertently created a monster. A monster that is more than slightly obsessed with home design. Yes, my son very well may be the next Jonathan Adler. I kid you not. It all started when we got the new rug in the living room. My little man loved to lay on it and would run in and rub the "new rug" every time he had the chance. The next room on my makeover list was his, and this week his new rug came as well. I knew he would be excited, but I did not expect him to be that excited. All he has talked about for 3 days is the new rug. He tells everyone about it. Everyone. We have spent countless hours sitting on it, lying on it, jumping on it, putting every toy imaginable on it. In short, he loves it.

I figured that this was just a stage that would pass and soon the novelty of the newness would wear off. I though that until last night. There I was making dinner and I heard him talking about rugs. Not only rugs but lamps, curtains, and home accessories as well. I peeped around the corner wondering where he was getting this from, and I saw this.

There he was reading the Pottery Barn Kids catalog that had come in the box with the new rug. He had found his new treasure on one of the pages and was now accessorizing his room. No joke. It must have been the funniest thing I have ever seen. I sat down with him and we went through the catalog from front to back and back to front for almost an hour. This morning we did the same thing again. I literally had to tear him away so we could leave the house.

I am more than slightly concerned about Christmas. What the little man doesn't know is that I have already ordered him a few chairs and bean bags in an attempt to recreate this playroom. The rug was only the beginning. Next comes bookshelves and a chalkboard wall. I'm not quite sure what the little man is going to do when he sees the pages of the catalog come to life right before his very eyes. He may go on quite the decorating bender.

I suppose when he is the head of some worldwide interior design company we will all sit back and have a good laugh at this. For now, well, I better go find some more catalogs.


The Missus said...

He is such a lucky boy to have a Mummy who helps make his little dreams come true!!!

I do hope he gets into decorating and styling! Maybe you have a future home styler or architect on your hands!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the rug. Where is it from? Have been looking for something similar.

Yummy Mummy said...

It's from Pottery Barn Kids, they have a few different color combinations. It is super thick and I am very happy with it!

designed harmony said...

It's so funny how toddlers fixate on things, isn't it?
My two have been avid magazine flickers from the time their fingers were nimble enough to turn the pages. Makeup advertising really concerns them "uh-oh! what happened to face/eyes/mouth!!!?" They don't see the art in a dollop of foundation, smear of mascara not completely applied :D
Can you video him next time he does his commentary? Would love to see him in action!
Btw, he's just too adorable!

WADs said...

aaw this is so adorable :)

Send him over to do my place please :)

Polly said...

Well it was inevitable he was going to be a kid with style wasn't it!

Debra Green said...

I used to sit for hours with mail order catalogues designing my dream house. I now spend hours looking at design websites, hmmm why am I not an interior designer?

I wish I was so off to explore how to become one. Big Thanks to your son who may have just signposted my next direction in life!