The Neighbors Think I'm Nuts.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No Cambridge residents I have not lost my mind. I swear.

So, the little man and I have this thing. It started about 6 months ago and has escalated since then. This thing makes me look like I've completely lost my mind. What is the thing you ask?

Let me tell you. The thing is me, having full on conversations, sometimes for 10 minutes at a time, with the neighbor's lawn ornaments. Now that I've said it out loud, even I'm starting to think I'm going crazy too. Oh the things we do for our kids.

Like I said, the neighbors have these lawn ornaments in their garden. There are a few gnomes, some bunnies, kitties, and a bird bath. A few moths ago the little man noticed them and would wave to them as we would go by. As his speech became clearer we would call them out by name as we passed. The name calling turned into a greeting for each of them. "Hi bunny," "good morning kitty," "have a good day elf." all said by me. The little man would point and smile. Long story long these "greetings" have now turned into lengthy conversations."

"Hello Mr. Elf. How has your day been? Did you know that we just got back from Grandpa's house and that the LM flew on an airplane? He was such a good boy and only kicked the seat 20 times. Mr. Bunny, we are going to get coffee. Would you like us to bring you back anything? No, okay see you guys later." And so on.

Well, as you can imagine the LM gets quite the kick out of this. The problem? We live in a pretty small community and it is not ideal to have the same people see you constantly talking to inanimate objects. Today we saw someone who we usually see on our morning coffee run. I'm assuming he is typically going to work at the same time. As he was passing he looked up as I was talking. "I'm sorry," he said. "Were you talking to me?" "No," I replied. "We were just talking to the elf." He looked at me and said with a concerned look in his eye, "Does he talk back?"

Yep, the neighbors think I'm nuts.


The Missus said...

That isn't crazy. He's developing his conversation skills by observing you converse with inanimate objects.

Nessa said...

I think you are doing a great thing! My little man is almost 2 now and he repeats everything he hears. I do the same thing. People think I'm nuts in the store with him too. We see a cow and we both go "moooo!".


Anonymous said...

that is so funny! i agree with the missus though - in a few years when he's the star of all social events, the school, etc b/c he can literally talk to anyone and hold a conversation... well, talking to an elf wont seem so silly!


Anonymous said...

I was doing so well, until I read your comment "He was such a good boy and only kicked the seat 20 times". You continue to make me laugh with your stories...

Cdn Mom

April Elizabeth said...

i dont know your neighbor but i think he sounds like an ass.

he had two options to take what you were doing for what you were clearly doing - playing with your kid, or make you feel akward and uncomfortable. he choose the latter. We make these decisions everyday don't we? Most of us choose not to alienate but those opportunities exist.

unless he was kidding, because thats pretty funny... or you were alone.

Sarah Chang said...

So cute! Very funny. I think it's wonderful that you are contributing to his vivid imagination.

Polly said...

Thats just great. I bet your LM gets a real kick out of it too.