Monday, January 19, 2009

Things that are keeping me from blogging today and things that need to be discussed in detail very soon.
  1.  Little man is officially down to one nap. One two hour nap. Hmmmm now I have to rework my entire life.
  2. I have been nauseous for 48 straight hours. Is it the stomach flu or a I am finally preggars? Too soon to tell.
  3.  I have some sort of sleeping sickness which is forcing me to nap through little man's entire nap leaving me no time to do ANYTHING. Again, this may be pregnancy or flu related. TBD.
  4.  I bought the best pair of gladiator sandals. I wasn't sure at first, but now I love love love them  and can't wait for them to arrive in the mail. The best part? They were 65 dollars. I know, I can hardly believe it myself.
  5. I just got an amazing Mason vest that I have been stalking since October for 250 less that the original price. I am officially a recessionista!
  6. Now that I got the go ahead to get the petal Louboutins I can't decide if I should get them. 
  7. I can't believe we get a new president tomorrow! Yeah!!!
The little man is already whining from downstairs so we will call this a teaser for the week ahead. 


that girl? said...

YM - you make me laugh! I have mental picture of you sitting there having a mini-rant at the Macbook!
1. With you there - imagine if you will no naps at all... actually dont go there yet!
2. Hopefully PG! fingers crossed for you!
3. Ditto number two. Also I am the national sleeping champion and would sleep standing up if I was able!
4. Lurve gladiator sandals... would wear mine now except I dont think frostbite goes with much.
5. I tried to be a recessionista and not buy anything in January but I caved today... damn it felt good!
6. Are you kidding me?!?! Do not let me down... you have to get them!
7. With you on the Yay's for tomorrow... I will be watching with tons of interest... and not just to see what Michelle is wearing!

grammatically impaired said...

ooo i would never be able to buy sandals now with out being able to wear them the minute i left the store. but then again for 65 dollars... i might make the purchase and think warm thoughts in the cold snow

Anonymous said...

Glad you are coming around on the Louboutins. Yes they are fab, but no you should not buy them. You are turning 30, not 50!! Can you find some for under $500? AND you are so lucky your little guy was taking two naps for this long! I love to hear about your pregnancy drama though, I am suffering along with you.

lunarossa said...

Hope you have luck with your PG test. Just remember to relax and think of the Louboutins. Of couse you should get them! How can a girl like you be without them??!! All the best. Ciao. Antonella