Pots and Pans, Oh My.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yummy Mummy's Christmas present finally arrived! No it's not a new pair of shoes, but rather a new set of Pots and Pans! These are not just any pots and pans people, these are the Williams Sonoma 10-piece LTD2 All Clad pots and pans. Just saying that makes me feel like Martha Stewart (one could only dream). 

Before you think these pans are unnecessary please take a look at what we have been working with. 

This is from my parent's camping collection circa 1988.

Here is the old set (yes, I'm embarrassed to even show you these). Note the 3 dollar Ikea pot that The Husband and I purchased back in 2001.

And here is my new saucepan. AMAZING!

Seriously people, these pans are like a work of art!

They seem to be enjoying the Viking stove. It's like a match made in culinary heaven.

Here is the full set in all its glory! Who knew pans could be so stylish?

I would like to thank both sets of our parents for the gift certificates that made this happen.

Happy Cooking to me!


Cali-Ally said...

Oh YM! They are seriously gorgeous! I have pot/pan envy!!!! My In Laws bought us a set when we got married - unfortunately nothing that we wanted...we've been trying to make them look like your parents' camping set but to no avail...ugly pots/pans will not die!!! heh heh

Happy Cooking...they are gorgeous :)

Julie Q said...

ahhh i got pans as well for xmas and was overly excited. your kitchen is scrumptious btw :)

notSupermum said...

Lovely kitchen and I covet your new pans! I am totally with you on the excitement of the new pan set - I got ridiculously excited last week when I bought a new knob for my old dishwasher. How sad is that?

Yummy Mummy said...

It really is amazing what turns a girl on after a while. A kitchen and some pots? I tell you what. I'd take it over a new pair of shoes any day!!!

Thank you for your nice comments! I too love my kitchen!

that girl? said...

Nice Pans Babe! I can get your excitement over kitchen stuff, especially stuff this shiny! Have fun cooking up a storm in them. I still kiss our new Nespresso machine hello each morning!

Legally Brunette said...

They look beautiful...I love anything new from WS! Just perfect for hearty winter-time cooking!